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Thursday, February 25, 2016

ClubCashCow - scam

ClubCashCow has scammed on 8/March/2016
Total lifetime: 26 days
Monitored: 26 days
Cycles: 5
Satisfaction: not bad, but I expected more


ClubCashCow (CCC) has purchased Premium listing on 11th of February, the insurance was active in first 15 days, but after 9 days the admin decided to buy R5 listing even the insurance was increased to 500$. This is active for 20 days (check the live counter on the main page of ISA)

Investment plans:
CCC has daily investment plans with different length & deposit ranges and one "after plan". For easy orientation there is a screenshot:

+ Payza, STP, Advcash and even Neteller are officially accepted over the basic e-wallet trio
+ extended SSL certificate, CH certificate
+ introduction video
+ rating and representative pages
+ good design of notification emails (installed on the 7th day)
+ social connection: Facebook group
+ Live chat was added recently

- the domain name sounds funny, not like a serious business
- I am not a fan of "principal back" investment plans, but this is just my opinion ;)

The referral commission system has just one level, you can earn 3% from referrals' deposits. The page of representatives is still "empty" and there is no extra information how much can they earn - same for the FAQ.

CCC hired so many monitors, including the most expensive one, what was absolutely not necessary mainly as I see the results. I can't say that CCC will be a success project, but at least the admin tries to run a youthful project with funny name :) - we also laughed a lot on ISA. Do not kill the cow, it must be milked as long as possible ;)
My referral link: - invest what you can afford to lose.


  1. Beware the fake video commentator is general person who gives many fake testimony in many Forex and broker options industry check in scam watchdog new release last day


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