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Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Bandeira Construction - review

Bandeira Construction (BC) has purchased R5 listing on 10/March. The insurance was already returned to admin after first 20 days (500$ PM). It was clear that no negative event will happen during the insured period since BC meets high industry standards.

If you are familiar with script from Goldcoders and H-script then you will recognize both scripts in one. I do not really care that the final script is licensed or not, thumbs up for the coder!

There are 2 types of investment plan:

BUY: you can earn 1~4% daily until you reach 150%. The minimal deposit limit is quite high, 3k+
It's better to check the BUY/SELL page:
There is one advantage, you can sell your investment anytime. There is a market created for this purpose, find the button from left-side menu in your account. I am not sure, but probably you must wait for a buyer in this case and your investment isn't purchased back by the system automatically. If you have another experience, please contact me and I will update the review.

There you can earn 1~1.8% daily until you reach 150%, deposit range $10-500
or 1~2.5% daily until you reach 150%, deposit range $501-2.5k
So, there you can reach 150% slower in compare to BUY/SELL, but most investors are choosing this investment plan.

The script contains some small bugs, but no problem at all. For example, the script shows rounded amount which will be processed, as you can see on the following picture, but you will get as much as you entered in first steps:
The source currency of my deposit is PerfectMoney, maybe this is the reason why I can't withdraw the accumulated referral commissions to Payeer, even I tried lower amounts than the available money. So there are remaining more things to fix, but I can say that the developers made really outstanding job, BC desires R5 branding on ISA. 
By the way withdrawals are processed manually within 12-48 business hours, but usually within 5-10 hours.


+ beautiful design and script
+ lot of social connections
+ extra and unique stuff: brochure
+ extra referral commissions from daily earnings over the referral commissions from deposits
+ extra income from banner advertising
+ introduction video
+ extra size banners
+ design of notification emails
+ extended SSL certificate, CH certificate
+ more e-wallets: Okpay, Neteller, Payza, Advcash, STP + the basic e-wallet trio (PM, PY, BTC)
+ you can invest via several currencies USD, EUR, RUB, BTC

- the scheme of referral commissions is misleading, you should read to understand that BC pays just 3% and 1% for basic uplines (+ daily commissions from referrals' earnings)
- hard to find the investment plans - you should register first - not logical and not attractive
- purchasable banner position decreases the quality of BC if banners of cheap sites are shown

Am I impressed as investor? Sure, BC is an amazing project, just these investmen plans don't open my wallet...
I think that BC will reach great lifetime, since the project needs more time to convince wider volume of investors.

My referral link:
Do not forget, invest only what you can afford to lose.


  1. Jus made a deposit to neteler of 10usd for d rent plan. Till now my account is still pending, i.e the money has nt been deducted yet. How long those it take dem to precess neteller payments? And dey never ask for secure ID

  2. I am not getting my withdrawels. Support has not relied to any of my support requestes


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