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Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Agilital - scammed already

Total lifetime: 170 days
Monitored: 163 days
Cycles: 0
Satisfaction: not satisfied, but it was expected since its long investment plan had principal back option. The admin took down the site at first expiration wave and made it difficult to share the available insurance.

Agilital Inc. has purchased Reserved 5-star listing on 29/April. Initial insurance: 20 days (600 PM).

The investment plan doesn't offer fixed earnings. There you can earn 60-90% profit-sharing daily for 120 business days. The principal becomes available to withdraw on expiry. The minimal daily earnings are set to 0.4%, maximal - 2% (rarely, just at higher amounts).

+ business class project
+ demo currency (of course not withdawable)
+ unique script
+ page for trading statements
+ FB, Twitter, G+ connections
+ 5~7% referral commissions depending on amount of referrals (liked by promoters)
+ weekly trading reports

- business class project, but just the basic e-wallet trio is accepted

I think Agilital is not so popular project due to low ROI and long term, but was PokerAm popular in first months? I don't think. So I really hope that the admin of Agilital will introduce some good news, extras to push the project ahead.

By the way withdrawals are processed within 12 hours on business days, 24h on weekends.

How to claim RCB
If you would like to get RCB from me, do not forget to include your ID (username). In this case I can identify your referral commission since there aren't classic user names. Most of RCB players put their ISA-usernames in RCB form which is not correct - so be careful. Currently I started to offer 7% referral commission back to my investors since I have more than 15 active investors. 
Just for mention, the basic level starts at 5% - up to 6 active referrals, then 6% - till 14 active referral and 7% from 15+. It is good motivation factor for promoters to keep the project running. 

Great news: The insurance period has been extended till first expiration - 120 business days (15/May).

Some guys see speculative intention, but which admin made such offer? I can't remember. So I can say that the admin of Agilital isn't greedy like some crazy "administrators" (I prefer another word), so thumbs up for Agilital.

If you are not sure who is your upline when you register, this is my ID: 9791965

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