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Saturday, May 7, 2016

Betstar - scam already

Betstar has scammed on 23/May/2016

Total lifetime48 days
Monitored: 47 days
Cycles: 1.5 if I do not count "after plans"
Satisfaction: satisfied because I have negative experience of sport themed hyips and got scared after first crazy deposits, but the admin was able to run it longer than 10-15 days and finished the first cycle.

Betstar isn't new on ISA. Its first listing category was Premium with Sticky position and 1K insurance - 5/April. Betstar was rolled back to Premium when the Sticky has expired. Then the admin decided to upgrade to Reserved 5-star section (30/April) and I approved his request. The current insurance expires on 19th of May (600 PM).

Investment plans:
1) daily plan: 5% daily for 30 days (10-499$), - up to 8% daily for higher deposits. So the minimal ROI is 150%, max. 240%.
2) after plan: 115% after 7 days (min. 1k)

+ great design
+ attractive investment plans
+ Advcash is also accepted over the basic e-wallet trio
+ rating page, bet-history
+ connected FB page
+ promo video
+ live chat
+ Russian, German, Spanish and Chinese translations are available as well

- no dislike at all

The withdrawals are processed manually, the official timeframe: 24h (FAQ), but we are getting paid sometimes in minutes, which is a good sign - nobody likes waiting long in this speedy world.

The referral system was set to "medium", you can earn 5% from deposits of your referrals. Active deposit is not needed to qualify. 

It is good to see that the administrator of Betstar is working continuously and bringing new extras since I published the brief description on ISA. Recently were added language mutations (RU, DE, ES, ZH), promo video - which will be available in German language as well, and Bet-history page, where you can see results on bets.

The industry needs admins like Betstar to keep the positive investing atmosphere. Many admins are not aware that they affect the industry with fast scams and then they complain that there is a low inflow when they are back with new projects. So thumbs up for Betstar's admin, but invest only what you can afford to lose!

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