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Sunday, May 8, 2016

Cryptonus - scammed already

Total lifetime: 126 days
Monitored: 79 days
Cycles: 8 (2-week plan)
Satisfaction: satisfied, just who knows that the hacking story was real or not...
Cryptonus has purchased Reserved 5-star listing on 1/May. The insurance is active in first 3 weeks (1000$ BTC). I waited one week with publishing this review - to get my first earnings, so finally I can move Cryptonus to Paying officially.

Cryptonus has midterm investment plans with weekly accruals:
2-weeks - ROI: 110/120% (weekly/after)
3-weeks - ROI: 120/135% - weekly, you can choose the amount of accruals
4-weeks - ROI: 130/150% - weekly, you can choose the amount of accruals

+ unique project
+ multilingual mutations
+ live chat, skype
+ automated payments

- weekly payments are not so attractive
- two websites for two currencies (BTC - PM)
- no referral program (no push effect from promoters)

IMPORTANT! Cryptonus doesn't have affiliate system, so the only way to being insured is the following:
- you can invest via BTC:
- or alternatively by Perfectmoney:
In both cases you have to write into memo-field during depositing "referred by ISA". It is easy to do, please check the following screenshots:
Blockchain old version:
Blockchain new version:

When you deposited, send me the screenshot about the transaction, where is visible the text, your e-wallet ID and time/date. I will store these details during 3 weeks, while the insurance is active. In case of negative event just these investors will be entitled to get compensation, hope you agree.

I can say nothing how popular Cryptonus is since there is no referral program, but I am not sure that weekly earnings can be so attractive. This is why I hope that the admin will introduce some good news, extras -  to push the project ahead.
Invest only what you can afford to lose!

The longest and most important newsletter from Cryptonus (11/July):

Dear friends, partners and investors!
Let me announce the latest news on Cryptonus project.
We have invited experts in the field of IT security and moved our site to a new, completely secure, dedicated server.
Now all the information is inaccessible to the frauds' eyes and hands. It is impossible to gain access to any of our payment information, nor to our wallets.
Unfortunately, the events of recent days - a significant part of our cash removal, a campaign launched against our project on the forums led to extensive loss of both our reserves and current revenue. Over the past days, frightened investors have taken from the project more than 50 000 dollars.
But the most important thing is that we survived, in spite of everything!
Now as we have moved to a new platform and protected themselves from further attacks, we have come to a long and difficult period of recovery after all shocking events.
We announce the period of the next two months (until September, 01) as Cryptonus RECOVERY PERIOD.
At the moment, we are facing two major tasks:
• Pay out all the debts accumulated during last days (about $ 50,000)
• Increase the inflow of new deposits as soon as it possible and come back to the normal operation
Paying out all the debts

We must say now the most important thing - all the debts will be fully paid to the investors. We do not consider any restart of the project, discounting or other non-option commitments.
It can not be solved overnight, or even within one or two days; it will take some time. But we ask to take it quietly and with understanding, especially those who have come to play a long game.
On the final output to the normal schedule of payments, we need exactly one week.
Payout date Term of Paying
07.07 till 10.07
08.07 till 11.07
09.07 till 12.07
10.07 till 13.07
11.07 till 14.07
12.07 till 14.07
13.07 till 14.07
Many of our investors have made it clear that their plan is not to withdraw their money from the project and they are ready to reinvest for the long term.
For these investors, we introduce the concept of auto-reinvest. I will not only help to save the commission for endless shipments of money back and forth, but also make operations easy and remove the extra load of the project during its recovery.
To enable auto-reinvest, you just need to send the message to the admin. Investors who turn on auto-reinvest get a bonus - their deposits will be placed on a special plan with a ROI of 150%
The increase of the of new deposits inflow
The most important task is to restore the balance of cash-ins and cash-outs and creating a project reserves in the shortest possible time. Of course, you will notice that it is the task of the admin and depends on its advertising activity.
But, in fact, no one can present and promote the project better than its investors. Investors words and opinions always inspire confidence and look convincing.
We are improving the terms of the action "Invite a friend". Now you will get 5%, not only from the first deposit but also from all subsequent deposits of the friends you invited. As long as the process is not automated, the bonus will be calculated at the end of each month and paid in cash.
In the recovery period of the project, we introduce special conditions for placing of new deposits:

Period Bonus (added to the principal)
08.07 – 10.07 15%
10.07 – 15.07 10%
16.07 – 31.07 5%
01.08 – 15.08 3%

In addition, we are launching a Fifty-Sixty action.
Starting from 08.07 we will place first 50 deposits to the special plan of 160% ROI.
The amount of the deposit should not be less than $500
Payments will look like:
After 1 week – 10%
After 2 weeks – 30%
After 3 weeks – 50%
After 4 weeks – 70%

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  1. Very nice story about how he will restart the things ... but in this moment both cryptonus sites are gone. So ... how he will restart things ?


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