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Friday, May 20, 2016

Cryptostability - scammed already

Cryptostability has scammed on 14/Jun/2016

Total lifetime: 37 days
Monitored: 37 days
Cycles:  0!
Satisfaction: not satisfied! There were some greedy investors and groups who invested so high amounts. As a result the game has been ended prematurely. I wish to teach these guys since they break the game for all of us. The admin needs continuously growing inflow to keep the project alive and not inflow waves. "Big investors", keep it in your mind. 

Cryptostability has purchased R5 listing on 8/May. The insurance is active in first 20 days (600$ PM).

Nothing more, nothing less, Cryptostability is the hottest project currently. It reached the 2nd place on ISA just in 5 days and now it takes the first place in record time. How it is possible? Cryptostability is highly liked by investors, that's simple.

The investment plans are attractive. All plans are running for 70 business days:
3% daily, (10-249$) - 210% ROI
3.5% daily, (250-999$) - 245% ROI
4% daily, (1k-1499$) - 280% ROI
4.5% daily, (5k-10k) - 315% ROI
5% daily, (10k+) - 350% ROI
The principal is not returned on expiry!

+ fresh design, business class project
+ nicely modified Goldcoders script
+ instant payments up to $500
+ Skype, Facebook profiles
+ no principal back (good way to reach longer lifetime)
+ finally somebody did it! - new style of banners

- no dislike at all

As you can see, just the basic e-wallet trio accepted, but the admin is working to bring Advcash, STP and Payza. At the moment these e-wallet modules are enabled in profiles, but remains inactive for depositing. Hope the admin will able to deal with support of these e-wallets.

The referral system is quite attractive: 6-3-2-1-1% for investors and 12-6-4-2-2% for representatives, which is so high I think.

The official start of Cryptostability was so strong, the most expensive monitors were hired. The inflow is perfect at Cryptostability, so I hope that the admin can handle the situation and will do necessary steps for further growth, and will follow giants like Amazing5 or Capital7.
I wish good luck for all investors!

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