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Monday, June 27, 2016

Miaroi - scammed already

Total lifetime: 74 days
Monitored: 63 days
Cycles: 2
Satisfaction: satisfied, mainly because this summer was the worst season ever

Miaroi has purchased R5 listing on 21/Jun. The insurance is active in next 20 days (600$ PM)

I really like that Miaroi doesn't follow the way of simple hyip projects, and went back to basics, so we can call it "oldschool". The admin was inspired by combination of investment plans which were first used by Royalty7 several years ago, namely:

Daily plan: 6.8% daily on business days for 30 calendar days. Average ROI: 136% or max. 142.8% if you invest on Sunday (but not 150% as it is stated on the pages of Miaroi). The principal is included in daily payments.
After plan: 108% after 7 days. (1.14% per day - so not high ROI). The principal is returned with profit on expiry.
The deposit range is identical at both plans: $10-60k.

Miaroi has 3-level referral system: 5-3-1%

+ different style of design
+ extended SSL certificate, CH certificate
+ instant payments
+ multilingual site: EN, CN, RU, ID, VN, TH

- just the basic e-wallet trio is accepted (at least AC should be here)
- buttons of social channels are inactive
- Miaroi offers money back guarantee (2 seals in the footer), but it is explained nowhere in terms or FAQ, so there is no money back guarantee at all
- minimum withdrawal: 1$
- 3 withdrawals per day

As you can see there are more dislikes than likes, but I still think that Miaroi isn't cheap project and can bring for us some profit if we invest reasonable amounts. The summer season is so weak, this is why I really recommend to play with low amounts. Then autumn will make the game more interesting or "risky", because so many players will join us again in autumn.

If you like Miaroi, join with my link:

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Friday, June 17, 2016

Xabo - scammed already

Total lifetime: 267 days
Monitored: 253 days
Cycles: so many cycles
Satisfaction: thumbs up, great project, but the admin disappointed me/everybody with the story how to scam us. It was good just for him to keep deposits rolling and earned + $20-30k, since the blind sheep still invests even after more days of moving Xabo to Scam section...

Xabo has purchased Reserved 5-star listing on 12/Jun. The insurance is active in next 20 days (600$ PM).

Xabo claims that their income comes from selling cargo spaces on ships of all major companies in the UK and some other countries. The template matches with the story, even the "launch picture" in the news section nicely reflects/underlines the story of Xabo, so thumbs up the staff.

Xabo offers 150% return on investment max. within 50 days or just 30 days in case of higher amounts, where the "booster" takes effect. The minimal investment limit is as low as 10$. The booster becomes active at investments higher or equal to 1,000$. The lowest booster is x1.05 and grows up to x0.50 depending on invested amount. So we - basic investors enjoy the default daily earnings, which is absolutely not bad - around 3% daily.

You can have extra income by referring new investors as well. Xabo has 3 default levels: first 7%, second 3%, third 1%. Representatives can earn 10% from the first level, which is quite attractive income, but it isn't everything. I've never seen such feature... We can buy/unlock even the forth level just for 20 bucks. Is it worth? If you have so many referrals, then the answer is, yes.

+ unique script, nice backoffice
+ instant payments
+ multilingual site (Russian and Chinese at the moment)
+ Facebook, Twitter, YouTube channels, UK telephone number

- long pages, which contain lot of empty spaces
- limited personalization of user panels
- just the basic e-wallet trio is available
* no dislike at all since these are not strong arguments

The administrator of Xabo talked about several things which will be developed, integrated into webpage, so I am sure, investors will starting to love Xabo. Early investors will be more than satisfied and if they will show profit proofs, it should generate higher interest from investors even through social channels.

If you like Xabo, you can join the ship here:

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Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Allinol - scammed already

Total lifetime: 326 days
Monitored: 240 days
Cycles: nearly 13 if I count the original 25-days plan
Satisfaction: satisfied, mainly because this summer was the worst season ever

Allinol has purchased Premium listing on 29/November/2015 and upgraded to Reserved 5-star on 6/Jun/2016. So we got insurance two times without negative events, thumbs up for admin ;)

Allinol operated with type of investment plan until the last redesign and changes. I won't talk about old investment plans, but the ROI remains almost the same, just the rate of daily earnings has been changed. Now you can earn 5% ~ 5.5% ~ 6% ~ 7% daily for 30 business days, where the principal is included daily payments. Min. ROI: 150%, you need 20 business days to reach the BEP. And there is one "after plan": 111% after 7 calendar days.

The project looks really professionally after the last redesign, I like the template and the backoffice also meets high industry standards:

Hope you like it as well ;) So let summarize the pros and cons:

+ great admin
+ excellent design based on nicely edited GC script
+ instant payments - no timeframe for manual processing (but why to have 2 btc wallets?)
+ Advcash is accepted as well over the basic e-wallet trio

- no social sites linked even it can be a good source of new investors
- Livechat window - did not worked when I tried

Allinol has 3-level affiliate system: 5-3-2% which probably doesn't generate push effect, so there is a chance to enjoy the earnings longer at such "controlled outflow". I really wish to see Allinol here even in 2017, fingers crossed.
If you like Allinol, join with healthy amount to keep it alive as longer as we can!

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Wednesday, June 8, 2016

BusinessAngels - scammed already

Total lifetime: 78 days
Monitored: 67 days
Cycles: 3 BEPs
Satisfaction: satisfied, mainly because this summer was the worst season ever

OUTDATED:BusinessAngels has purchased R5 listing on 27/May. The insurance is active in next 20 days (600$ PM).

Here you can earn on business days forever or as long as BusinessAngels is available. You start from 1% which will grow every day by 0.5% until you reach 4% daily. Then the growth will stagnate, but 4% daily is absolutely enough, I think you agree. And once again, forever means that you can't withdraw your deposit.

+ beautiful design including banners and user panel
+ instant withdrawals (max. 48h in case of errors)
+ extended SSL (green bar)
+ CH certificate
+ many social channels
+ ENG/RUS translations and telephone numbers
+ soft start, not expensive monitors were hired

- so high referral commissions 12-2-1% (three level)
- BTC deposits are converted at 450$ rate, which is ridiculous these times. More modules uses BTC currency, but investment plans are credited in dollars... big dislike for admin, mainly because he has good programmers.

BusinessAngels meets high industry standards, but the fact that it will be successful depends mainly on investors. No problem will happen while they invest reasonable amounts, but if they will invest crazy amounts, the game will starting to be more risky, mainly because paying 12% from high amount + daily outflow are the biggest stress-factors for admins. So if you like BusinessAngels, play it safely and enjoy your earnings!

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Sunday, June 5, 2016

Coinsage - scam already

Coinsage has scammed on 15/Jun/2016

Total lifetime: 21 days
Monitored: 21 days
Cycles: 2 short cycles 
Satisfaction: not satisfied! All investors knew who is the admin and deposited so much money in the shortest plans. Hit&run style, no natural growth.

Coinsage Limited has purchased R5 listing on 25/May. The insurance is active in first 20 days (600$ PM).

The investment plans are simple "after plans" starting from 2% daily for 7 calendar days (114% ROI, 10-199$ deposit range) and ending with 6% daily for 42 calendar days (352% ROI, $15k-50k). Just the amount of deposit defines the length and ROI. The principal is available to withdraw on expiry.

+ great admin
+ instant withdrawals
+ Rating page, FB page
+ simple, but nice user panel (H-script)
+ separate BTC user wallet, so the price of BTC doesn't affect your investment

- just the basic e-wallet trio is accepted and won't be added more e-wallets as I heard
- high initial inflow - hyip players: what next? I do not like this "hurray" effect and it is the biggest stress-factor for admin/project

Referral system
Coinsage has 2-level affiliate system. First level: 5%, second level: 2%. No representative option at the moment. But telling the truth, representatives are no longer effective way at hyips to attract more people into game. Promoters do the job even without extreme commissions so enabling representative RC means higher outflow for nothing. This option helps just at giant projects, which are soo rarely.

As I said the admin of Coinsage is great, but the money is the most important factor which comes from investors. If they can't play hyips, then me or the admin can't help. The project needs continuously growing inflow the reach good lifetime. If you like Coinsage, then do not hesitate and join. 

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Hyips are just risky games where you can lose all your money. Information on this blog are expressing my opinion what is not an advice to invest. I do not recommend to invest what you cannot afford to lose.

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