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Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Allinol - scammed already

Total lifetime: 326 days
Monitored: 240 days
Cycles: nearly 13 if I count the original 25-days plan
Satisfaction: satisfied, mainly because this summer was the worst season ever

Allinol has purchased Premium listing on 29/November/2015 and upgraded to Reserved 5-star on 6/Jun/2016. So we got insurance two times without negative events, thumbs up for admin ;)

Allinol operated with type of investment plan until the last redesign and changes. I won't talk about old investment plans, but the ROI remains almost the same, just the rate of daily earnings has been changed. Now you can earn 5% ~ 5.5% ~ 6% ~ 7% daily for 30 business days, where the principal is included daily payments. Min. ROI: 150%, you need 20 business days to reach the BEP. And there is one "after plan": 111% after 7 calendar days.

The project looks really professionally after the last redesign, I like the template and the backoffice also meets high industry standards:

Hope you like it as well ;) So let summarize the pros and cons:

+ great admin
+ excellent design based on nicely edited GC script
+ instant payments - no timeframe for manual processing (but why to have 2 btc wallets?)
+ Advcash is accepted as well over the basic e-wallet trio

- no social sites linked even it can be a good source of new investors
- Livechat window - did not worked when I tried

Allinol has 3-level affiliate system: 5-3-2% which probably doesn't generate push effect, so there is a chance to enjoy the earnings longer at such "controlled outflow". I really wish to see Allinol here even in 2017, fingers crossed.
If you like Allinol, join with healthy amount to keep it alive as longer as we can!


  1. This program has scammed out. Please avoid this program.

  2. This program has scammed out. Please avoid this program.


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