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Wednesday, June 8, 2016

BusinessAngels - scammed already

Total lifetime: 78 days
Monitored: 67 days
Cycles: 3 BEPs
Satisfaction: satisfied, mainly because this summer was the worst season ever

OUTDATED:BusinessAngels has purchased R5 listing on 27/May. The insurance is active in next 20 days (600$ PM).

Here you can earn on business days forever or as long as BusinessAngels is available. You start from 1% which will grow every day by 0.5% until you reach 4% daily. Then the growth will stagnate, but 4% daily is absolutely enough, I think you agree. And once again, forever means that you can't withdraw your deposit.

+ beautiful design including banners and user panel
+ instant withdrawals (max. 48h in case of errors)
+ extended SSL (green bar)
+ CH certificate
+ many social channels
+ ENG/RUS translations and telephone numbers
+ soft start, not expensive monitors were hired

- so high referral commissions 12-2-1% (three level)
- BTC deposits are converted at 450$ rate, which is ridiculous these times. More modules uses BTC currency, but investment plans are credited in dollars... big dislike for admin, mainly because he has good programmers.

BusinessAngels meets high industry standards, but the fact that it will be successful depends mainly on investors. No problem will happen while they invest reasonable amounts, but if they will invest crazy amounts, the game will starting to be more risky, mainly because paying 12% from high amount + daily outflow are the biggest stress-factors for admins. So if you like BusinessAngels, play it safely and enjoy your earnings!


  1. they don't pay what we expected and they say that the rate of Bitcoin is fixed at 450 $ witch is not the truth
    i have deposited 0.224 Btc and my blance show 90.56 $ (expected 100.8) after 24 hours i get 0.91 $ instead of 1$ then the next execution is after 71 hours instead of 24 hours because they say 1.5% at the 2nd day !!

    there support is a robot ! who gives you random answers

    1. I use BTC just rarely to invest, so I did not check such things at BA in the beginning, but at the moment we can invest via BTC without conversion. So there is no problem with fixed or market rate anymore. Earnings are credited on business days, do not count weekends. The counter helps a little bit.

  2. Hello admin..
    I new invester in business angels. I'm register in your referrals link..
    Can I know, how long business angel take to update your deposit in acc after invest?
    Yesterday I deposit some btc to them,but still not update in my acc. Already sent email, but not reply..

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. My deposit already update.. Just got problem in system and I got my 1st profit payment. Instant withdraw work perfectly. Thanks admin.

  5. May I ask this ? It says Business Angels are now scam and has stopped paying. May I ask when they stopped paying because I received payment from them last night about 7pm Central standard time. I don't have a lot invested maybe 50.00 dollars total. However I have been cashing out daily. I am just wondering why they scam now?

  6. Even I received my payment yesterday.


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