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Sunday, June 5, 2016

Coinsage - scam already

Coinsage has scammed on 15/Jun/2016

Total lifetime: 21 days
Monitored: 21 days
Cycles: 2 short cycles 
Satisfaction: not satisfied! All investors knew who is the admin and deposited so much money in the shortest plans. Hit&run style, no natural growth.

Coinsage Limited has purchased R5 listing on 25/May. The insurance is active in first 20 days (600$ PM).

The investment plans are simple "after plans" starting from 2% daily for 7 calendar days (114% ROI, 10-199$ deposit range) and ending with 6% daily for 42 calendar days (352% ROI, $15k-50k). Just the amount of deposit defines the length and ROI. The principal is available to withdraw on expiry.

+ great admin
+ instant withdrawals
+ Rating page, FB page
+ simple, but nice user panel (H-script)
+ separate BTC user wallet, so the price of BTC doesn't affect your investment

- just the basic e-wallet trio is accepted and won't be added more e-wallets as I heard
- high initial inflow - hyip players: what next? I do not like this "hurray" effect and it is the biggest stress-factor for admin/project

Referral system
Coinsage has 2-level affiliate system. First level: 5%, second level: 2%. No representative option at the moment. But telling the truth, representatives are no longer effective way at hyips to attract more people into game. Promoters do the job even without extreme commissions so enabling representative RC means higher outflow for nothing. This option helps just at giant projects, which are soo rarely.

As I said the admin of Coinsage is great, but the money is the most important factor which comes from investors. If they can't play hyips, then me or the admin can't help. The project needs continuously growing inflow the reach good lifetime. If you like Coinsage, then do not hesitate and join. 

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