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Monday, June 27, 2016

Miaroi - scammed already

Total lifetime: 74 days
Monitored: 63 days
Cycles: 2
Satisfaction: satisfied, mainly because this summer was the worst season ever

Miaroi has purchased R5 listing on 21/Jun. The insurance is active in next 20 days (600$ PM)

I really like that Miaroi doesn't follow the way of simple hyip projects, and went back to basics, so we can call it "oldschool". The admin was inspired by combination of investment plans which were first used by Royalty7 several years ago, namely:

Daily plan: 6.8% daily on business days for 30 calendar days. Average ROI: 136% or max. 142.8% if you invest on Sunday (but not 150% as it is stated on the pages of Miaroi). The principal is included in daily payments.
After plan: 108% after 7 days. (1.14% per day - so not high ROI). The principal is returned with profit on expiry.
The deposit range is identical at both plans: $10-60k.

Miaroi has 3-level referral system: 5-3-1%

+ different style of design
+ extended SSL certificate, CH certificate
+ instant payments
+ multilingual site: EN, CN, RU, ID, VN, TH

- just the basic e-wallet trio is accepted (at least AC should be here)
- buttons of social channels are inactive
- Miaroi offers money back guarantee (2 seals in the footer), but it is explained nowhere in terms or FAQ, so there is no money back guarantee at all
- minimum withdrawal: 1$
- 3 withdrawals per day

As you can see there are more dislikes than likes, but I still think that Miaroi isn't cheap project and can bring for us some profit if we invest reasonable amounts. The summer season is so weak, this is why I really recommend to play with low amounts. Then autumn will make the game more interesting or "risky", because so many players will join us again in autumn.

If you like Miaroi, join with my link:


  1. Is it pay 6.8 % daily like coince 3%

  2. Is it pay 6.8 % daily like coince 3%

  3. Its not paying - tried withdrawing earns, have not been release in 72 hours. All payment wallets where configured in the account. _SCAM_ site do not invest on it

  4. I'm not sure how it will end after the given deadline but as early as now I can see that it is indeed a scammed. I have read reviews similar to yours via and users are not very happy about the results.


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