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Sunday, July 3, 2016

Summer break of 2016

As you noticed almost all new projects have collapsed in the beginning of summer, so what we can expect till the end of the season? Nothing good, maybe there can be 1-2 better projects in August; probably stronger trend can born in September.
So many investors decided to stop playing hyips till the end of summer and they decided well. The hyip community is not so big (per dominating languages) and the players usually invest just in the beginning, so no new project can last long if the admin doesn't have any strategy. It is not worth to play even new "sleepers" - which are usually run by amateurs who think that it's enough to buy GC script, then "Incubator" and they will receive attention and money.

Alexa shows negative trend in popularity of hyip blogs and monitors underwriting the mentioned things above. I also decided to not deal with classic hyips in these times which can offer just an investment plan and have a template (admins without creativity).

Dead season, what to say... - but it happens sometimes during the year - or many times if there are usually just "cheap admins" without leader projects. I hope the situation will normalize again, probably after this summer.

Last, but not least, let's talk about losses comparing ISA and other hyip monitors. I would like to show an example from previous scam wave - Cryptoeice, which lasted just 6 days (including one weekend)! In reality just 3 days (weekend, day one).
Let assume that we invested 100$ on day one and earned just 3x1.7% during 3 days. Here are the stats:

earnings during 3 days RCB Comepensation Total loss USD Total loss %
other monitors 5.1$ max. 10$ probably 0% 100 - 5.1 - 10 = 84.9$ 84.9%
ISA 5.1$ 5$ 50% 100 - 5.1 - 5 - 50 = 34.9$ 34.9%

I just wanted to show that using high RCB monitors in these days is absolutely wrong choice even those offer "the highest RCB". I also would like to warn you regarding insurance on other sites. It seems that it became trend to offer insurance, almost every second hyip source started to offer insurance. But while I provide transparency, they just talk about it and make fake stats.
How can they provide insurance service if they

1) do not have rules
2) do not show exact details of requests
3) publish just the final percentage
4) if investors aren't able to express their issues in public way
5) how easy to hide some big requests to keep the rate attractive?

Non transparent work - cheating. So here you are in the best place where each investor counts! The most important thing regarding insurance: do not choose any hyip just because it's "insured". Check how creative the admin is, check investment plans, referral system, e-wallets and then try to imagine that other investors are going to like it or not. Even such basic thoughts can bring better results than "insured? invest!" analogy.

Enjoy summer, holidays and prepare for restart from September ;) Good luck!


  1. Thanks admin.. I'm with u. I will wait till middle good or September to try new hyip. If got new good future hyip, just update your article. I like to follow your reference link.

  2. Thank You admin, the information is very helpful for me. I always see ISA's monitor every day.

  3. Thanks for your opinions, guys :)

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Admin.. Got any room for new registration in isa monitor. I like to join your chat room.


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