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Sunday, September 11, 2016

Rapidincome - scam already

Total lifetime: 49 days
Monitored: 17 days
Cycles: maybe 4 cycles if we agree to 10-days cycles
Satisfaction: not satisfied, I expected much more from this admin, but we were right regarding negative marks in the beginning...

RapidIncome (RI) has purchased Reserved 5-star listing on 6/September. The insurance is active in next 28 days (800$ Payeer)

Here you can earn 2.5% daily forever. You can withdraw your principal anytime. Please note, 10% cancellation fee will be applied in this case. Also, you should know that all withdrawal requests are processed with 2% withdrawal fee. Earnings are credited on calendar days, but the withdrawals are processed just on business days, usually within few hours (max. 48 business hours).

Just the basic e-wallet trio is accepted: PerfectMoney, Payeer, Bitcoin; but these wallets cover almost 90% of total transactions in our industry. 

RI wasn't new project when came to ISA, it happened after first month being online. RI wasn't well monitored until this date, so RI was able to reach one month without huge attention, so without "extreme" investments. Of course promoters did their job in that time as well, which is quite effective way at all.

In the beginning I was also skeptical regarding the owner because RI doesn't look eye-catching, there is nothing to talk about, it is one hyip of thousands:
- no extended SSL
- no extra e-wallets
- unattractive design - back in time style
- the logo of Payeer has affiliate link on the main page
- high referral commissions, up to 13%

The script is the same from previous projects, including payment processing, withdrawal fees, etc. So it is a low cost project in general. I am not sure that it was really the admin's intention to scare away big players in first month. If yes, shall we see new design soon? I don't think. RI became very popular, so why to change the design if it won't bring more nor less inflow?

The admin contacted me and showed my details from his previous projects, so I have no reason to doubt anymore. I am also happy that he helped to solve our growing problem with one of speculative ex-member of ISA and saved us from even bigger negative event. Thumbs up for him!

Good or bad, I always recommend to invest just what you can afford to lose! For example I invested just 100 bucks from my pocket in the very first days and my investment is still active ;) 
So, if you like Rapidincome, then join with my link, get RCB, be insured and win in our monthly prize game >>>

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  1. I'm not sure how it will end after the given deadline but as early as now I can see that it is indeed a scammed. I have read reviews similar to yours via and users are not very happy about the results.


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