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Thursday, September 8, 2016

Revcoin - fast scam

Total lifetime: 33 days
Monitored: 31 days
Cycles: 0
Satisfaction: disappointed! Revcoin had good potential. It was one of few projects which was able to attract people from outside, but the admin was too greedy and ran away with 270k. I hope he will get this back from life.

Revcoin has purchased R5 listing on 26/Aug. The insurance is active in next 20 days (1200$ BTC)

This is project is really complex or we can say hybrid. What we can get here?
1) Classic investment opportunity:  2.5 - 3 - 3.5% daily for 58 business days. Principal is included in daily payments. ROI: 145 - 174 - 203%

2) Virtual currency: RVC - revcoin. Similar to bitcoin with long address IDs. This currency is listed even on
You should download the wallet module to your PC to manage your account in offline mode. There is no option to get "live account" on pages of Revcoin. This is not the best deal since we do not really like stuffs to download if it is linked to our money...

3) Trade RVC: - you can buy or sell to earn arbitrage in your userpanel, if you have RVC wallet already. The admin talked about further growth in newsletters (who expected downfall right now? ;) 

4) Exchanger: It looks simple, but you can exchange RVC to Perfectmoney, Payeer, Bitcoin or Advcash within 24 hours or faster during business hours. The only place to exchange.

The dashboard looks good, do you agree?
The banner in the middle is purchasable and delivers income for Revcoin.

+ unique project: idea, design, script (including new currency with own exchanger)
+ instant withdrawals (batch is shown just for BTC withdrawals)
+ downloadable revcoin wallet, video help (is it good to download anything in this industry?)
+ extended SSL certificate, CH certificate
+ active Facebook profile
+ Payza, Okpay and Advcash are accepted over the basic e-wallet trio
+ serious admin

- no login button on the main page (click on Signup and then to Sign in)
- weak English level
- just few answers in FAQ
- downloadable stuff (I don't like such things, but it's good to see extra stuff)

Referral system has three levels: 5-3-2%
I think you already noticed that there are no classic usernames, but login IDs. For example this is mine: RVC0146699
If you like Revcoin, join with my link:

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