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Friday, December 30, 2016

Rightrise - scam already

Total lifetime: 134 days
Monitored: 132 days
Cycles: 2 BEPs (break even points)
Satisfaction: satisfied, but I thought it will be longer game...

Rightrise is monitored by ISA 67th day and there are still 33 days remaining from active insurance. The admin knows what he are doing. He gave 3k PM for 100 days. The script is absolutely unique with lot of accepted e-wallets in USD, EUR and RUB currencies!
The investment plan is quite simple, 1~3% daily forever, no principal back option. You can earn a little bit more, there is a booster which can help you, but you have to do so many things, please check the Achievement section for more details. Currently my booster shows 1.14% even after several repurchases and good volume of referrals. Not much, but I like every unique stuff, so thumbs up!
And finally this is the first project with search referral function. I am getting many registration requests, so such searching function is very useful for me. 

Righrise claims controlling speed limits on the roads across the UK with modern technical equipment. The design of the website matches to this story, I like such professionalism, hope you too :)

Since almost every hyip player knows Telegram, guess what I want to say... Yeah, Rightrise has telegram bot as well. You can enable/disable notifications in your user profile on the official website, but I never checked the bot since the default user interface on the official website works well. 

Take a look on the list of accepted e-wallets:
just Payeer and Bitcoin were accepted in the very first days, but now Rightrise accepts Advcash, PerfectMoney, Litecoin, Dogecoin, Nixmoney, Yandex and BTC-e as well. Thumbs up for admin!

Withdrawals are processed instantly, but the FAQ mentions 24h time-frame. There is 6-level referral system:10-5-2-1-1-1%, but the levels for representatives are unbelievable high: 25-5-2-1% - once they reached all requirements.

I like the new year video very much, here you can check it:
This signalizes that the things are going well and I can tell you that Rightrise is very popular among Russian players, so there is no problem with money. Personally I reinvested some times, so I wish good luck for all of us!

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  1. Execelente programa ate o momento esta correspondento muito bem com a proposta do admistrador espero que este programa dure por muito tempo


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