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Friday, April 28, 2017

tvorim-dobro - scam already

Total lifetime: 39 days
Monitored: 13 days
Cycles: 1 cycle if invested between first investors
Satisfaction: disappointed, mainly because the admin came out with so cheap story regarding hosting and deleted BTC account. Thumbs down!

Tvorim-dobro or Doing-good? Why to have 2 names for the same project? Even ISA remains the same in different languages, just because this is the name of the site. But, lets take a closer look on TD.
TD has purchased R5 listing 18/April. That time I declined several listing requests hoping for the best deal for investors.

It is clear that TD primarily was not made for English market (domain), so our little English market can't make as high pressure with initial deposit wave and with extremely low reinvestment rate. Probably this is why TD is still alive and paying instantly. The daily earnings are quite high - 4.44%, but running just for 34 days, so the total ROI ends at 150.96%. The referral system pays out 7-2-1-1% (up to 10-2-2-2% depending on volume of referrals' investments), but it seems the script does not act automatically, since I reached the 2nd level in first day, but still getting just 7%.

The template has fresh feeling, which is definitely good, just the timing is not so good. This is very weak season due to collapse of giants and tons of hyips as domino effect. This is why is good that TD is present on more markets at the same time. I really hope the admin will able to manage TD for more than a cycle, but it depends not just on him, but on investors.

There were some guys who reported BTC withdrawals which were rolled back after long waiting period. This is why the admin increased the minimal withdraw to 5$ with 0.6$ fee, so the transaction should be fast. Probably it wasn't good nor optional way how to solve such situation, mainly because there are several investors with low deposits, so they can't withdraw at all...

Also, BTC seems to be not the best way to invest in hyips, but definitely fast way for newbies.

Last but not least. We got 2500$ insurance for 30 days. I hope it won't be needed at all, but please do not invest just because of insurance. There are more important factors why to invest/not invest, mainly if the market is as weak as now. Good luck guys!

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  1. I am sorry to report this:

    "Friends, you do not know how sorry I am to say this, but the site will no longer be able to work. Our server was purportedly removed for non-payment, but the payment was until May 7, on the whole this is the most unexpected turn of events ((I just do not understand how it could get out !! This hosting is simply the most terrible !!! Not when do not contact this hosting Unfortunately, the scam, our bitcoin server was also deleted, it was about $ 10 000. We will try to allocate at least some insurance options for refenders and bloggers, to cover at least some losses! We are very sorry about this, we wanted to work more For a long time, but alas did not foresee such an outcome!"


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