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Wednesday, May 31, 2017 - scam already

Hello guys, I havent written anything for a while, mainly because I declined tons of hyips in this dead season. Most probably the progress has started, but very slowly. Today I would like to talk about It was listed in Reserved 5-star section on 24/May, of course with active insurance. You can always find more details regarding insurance in News or even more data if you click on Details button in the menu of listed projects, like this: has a dynamic template, but more or less dark colors are dominating. The level of projecting is well done, just as an investor I do not feel that I should invest there. The script is unique (or a hardly edited h-script? - or just inspired by this script which is widely used mainly on the Russian market?), so probably the admin is a programmer (correct me if I am wrong). He created a really cool project, but I am not sure that it can attract so many investors like other eye-catching hot&fast hyips which is also not bad. He must work on the site to get wider audience and meanwhile we can earn and this is what we are looking for. Just we should hope that he is having good intention which is usually the main question.

As you can see in official newsletters, he is active, working, delivering extra things like the video presentation, UK CH certificate, prize game on Telegram, bonus for sharing the video. I think it is not all, good to see active admins. But for example the game prize on Telegram can't be really effective since we do not have time to wait all day long to catch the question and answer as fast as possible to be the first. Not effective, but at least it is something plus. Giving bonus for sharing the video is more effective way even I dislike bonuses at all, but just if it is given for "nothing" as other cheap admins do, who do not have any better idea or creativity at all.

Regarding video presentation, I miss the motivation factor why to invest, but it is a typical problem for hyips because admins usually make new projects frequently so by time they are less and less creative, a burnout syndrome. Of course the exception proves the rule. 

I do not post any data regarding investment plan, referral system, etc. Please visit our forum where it is already posted:

So what is the question? - invest or not? I give the space to make decision. I hope you enjoyed my thoughts and see the way (paragraph below the picture), but you know... Even third party problems can affect hyips or the main factor - human factor which is not predictable...

If you choose, I wish you good luck. Have a good week, guys!
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  1. News: introduced 10% referral commission for those who have at least 5 referrals and if their investments reach 1k in total (7/Jun). So now I can offer 10% RCB from now.


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