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Sunday, June 25, 2017

Fexfund - scam already

Fexfund has purchased Reserved 5-star listing on 9/Jun. The insurance is active for 30 days (0.87663 BTC).
Today it is monitored by ISA 17 days and reached 60 days of total lifetime. Great results in such circumstances!

You probably know that I rejected Fexfund in the beginning just because the admin bought too expensive listings on the very first days even the project was not bad, but I talked with him more times and last time I realized that he is one of best hyip admins currently. I rarely accept those projects which are listed on DN and MNO in the same time, but this time it is absolutely disinterested since they probably reinvested just low amounts so the investors do not have to cover their high ROI anymore. The admin convinced me about his qualities, as a result I accepted his listing request. It is also clear for me that many of you are already in, or maybe will reinvest now, but it is my pleasure to monitor a project which is really worth in such market circumstances.

Fexfund has one after-plan and two daily plans with quite high daily earnings even the ROI is just 120% -150% (109% for after-plan). You can find this, and more basic information about Fexfund on our forum:

Fexfund is powered by unique script even most of functions are known from GC or H-scripts. You should pay attention to some answers in FAQ. For example it is rare security measure on the market that you should wait a day to be able to withdraw again if you change your payment details in your profile.

Good to know that BTC transactions are handled without conversion to USD, which is essential to do not loss due to different conversion rate.

Withdrawals are processed instantly or within 24h in case of third party issues.

I also recommend to click on News button, where you can see the office of Fexfund in Brazil. I am not sure how effective are such offline offices because 99% of the business is made online. It can be good just for few people who are skeptical enough to visit it and talk with the staff - and maybe invest larger amount, For everything else such office is unnecessary, moreover, costly.

I haven't mentioned SSL or CH certificates, but I think it is basic level of seriousness in this kind of business. 

It is possible that the design will be modified or the whole site will be redesigned. If you have an account at Fexfund, then you were able to choose one of possible answers/opinions. I like that such important things like this or referral contest some days ago are always shown when you log in, so you are "forced to read". Is it good? Sure, read if you are interested to invest ;)

My general opinion is very positive, thumbs up for admin, but do not forget, invest only what you can afford to lose.


  1. Hello we registered for your site, now we are trying to invest in PM but we can not .Fex Fund, is it active?

    1. It works perfectly, but do not forget to click on investment plan first and payment method as well. Once you entered the amount of investment and pushed the Invest button, you are redirected to PM.

    2. Thanks , Now it is working perfectly includes the
      Withdrawals are processed instantly

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