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Thursday, July 6, 2017

Coreplus - scam already

CORE+ has purchased Premium listing on 8/Jun. The insurance was active for 20 days (1400$ PM), but the admin upgraded it to R5 section on 30/June, so the insurance was extended and increased by 600$ PY for another 20 days.

Great template and user panel, unique script, reasonable investment plans. This is what Core+ offers. Of course there are some things to discuss, but our overall opinion should be positive. 

Investment plans:

* possibility of selling on the p2p market. You can sell these shares at any price without limitations. All funds received from sales will be credited to your account and are available for withdrawal. So once you earned some money, you can decide to sell your investment. Of course it is not automated, so somebody have to buy it to get money. This is why setting reasonable price is important in this case. I do not know that the investment generates any earnings while it is not sold, but probably not.

But back to basics. Please note, first you have to top up your user balance (money icon - top right corner), then you should invest from the user balance - but just in predefined amounts, so check these amounts first, then decide. I think it is not investor friendly option, but it is about "shares".

Regarding user panel of Core+, it is really nice, but so different from another scripts. I miss "withdraw" and "top up" buttons from the main menu. The admin wanted to create not overcomplicated stuff, but handling the most important transactions (top up, withdraw) through the smallest icon is questionable decision. No problem at all, you just have to get used to it.

I think Core+ has good potential, but the success will depend on admin. If he will able to involve big markets (since the English market is so weak), then the game can be played longer than usual.

At this stage I can show thumbs up. 
For more basic info visit our forum please: 

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