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Saturday, July 1, 2017

Roly-investment - review

Roly Investment LTD has purchased Reserved 5-star listing on 20/Jun. The insurance is active for 30 days (1.1588BTC). Roly was temporarily downgraded to Premium due to missing usernames of referrals. This was mainly RCB related issue, but the admin fixed the problem within a day, so Roly is present in R5 section again (23/Jun).

As you can see Roly is powered by unique script and has great template. This is always liked by us, so the only question is, does the admin have good intention? We can't answer this in 99% cases... But we can see a trend of insurance. I was who spread this trend among hyip monitors/bloggers and now it is starting to be popular among hyip admins as well. The admin at Roly claims that your investment is insured if you click on the button, just the earnings will be lowered by 5%. Do not believe in such things, nobody saw the amount, but by choosing this option, your earnings will be less for sure.

Investment plans:

In the end of investment plan (365 days) you can get 80% of your deposit back. It is not really important in such market situation. I think all we can be happy once we reached the BEP, then it is about the volume of profit. This is why I hope that the admin is a good manager and able to focus on another markets as well, since the English market is weak still. If just hyip monitors will be hired, then no miracles will happen.

It is good to see that Roly is available via 20 languages, and the level of translations is not so bad. This is big advantage, just I do not like that once I must select the desired language each time. 

The withdrawals are processed instantly, just the speed of network confirmations dictates the time when you are really paid. You can withdraw just 3 times a week: Monday, Wednesday, Friday. I can't understand this option as an advantage, but at least the admin is different from others.

The banners are really nice and many sizes are available. This is always a good sign. If you would like to check another data, check our forum please:

So, if you like Roly investment, join with my affiliate link and let's hope that the insurance won't be needed at all. I hope you also know that ISA is having some reserves and now it is higher than $3k which is always available to cover losses from fast scams. Have a luck!

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