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Tuesday, December 26, 2017 - tricky scam

Too many unmissable opportunities are coming with craziness around BTC. One of them is tokenpay. The site looks good, including their promises, bonuses, possibility of further growth, etc. Lot of advertising and spammers make such opportunity visible and attract investors. Of course hackers, cheaters are ready to cheat in all cases, but if it is managed by the staff inside the project, then we can do nothing. I think my case is not unique, and many investors lost money and access to account already.

I decided to publish my story because tokenpay ignored me x times, so I donated them with 0.1BTC. Hope some people will rethink investing there.

I registered nearly 2 weeks ago - 14/Dec/2017. That time I got tons of emails about last chances to get 100% bonus on purchases. I tried 0.01BTC, but it always gave error:
Then I tried again, and the script finally recorded my purchase:
I forgot to scroll down and finish the purchase. When I noticed how it works, then I tried with 0.1BTC:
When I checked the transaction in my userpanel I was shocked when I noticed the displayed email address, it was not mine! I am not a newbie, there were not fake URLs, so it is unbelievable. By the way I was forced to download and install their app, but why? - this app was not linked to my account, but it was not really suspicious, because then I was able to purchase and send the money to a generated address in my userpanel.

This is the account where I was logged in when I decided to check the transaction:
I made some screenshots because I was sure that I won't be able to do this once the script logs me out - and it happened:
I emailed tokenpay at, Contacted them on Facebook in private message and on their wall as well. I did not receive any answer, just a reaction(question) on the wall, but on the next day I was banned and I am still not able to post anything on their wall.
Fortunately I have a proof of our public "conversation" (sorry for hiding my username), but you can't find this post on the wall anymore:

I contacted Sigdel Sabita as well, explained the situation and said her that it is enough to send 0.09btc back without the bonus (+300tokens). I was surprised when she agreed and said that she will send it back. Then I sent 3 mails and after one week I got an answer that she was in hospital, but checked the transaction - already returned the money. Of course I did not get any money. Then she answered quite fast that the money is no longer available on her user balance. Have I believe her?

If you are interested to see the transaction:
Destination wallet: 1JCLbKyX82ZZSAoPs3qCVibg7bvan6BbXB

By the way tokenpay published in one of early newsletters that they know about hacking attempts, and just after some newsletters reacted again that they already handle the situation. They said that if somebody can't log in, just create another account. Wow, is this the solution? Are they as amateur that they do not suppose that somebody had money on it?

So there are:
- deleted accounts
- deleted accounts with money
- changed accounts with money
- deleted and changed accounts with money

The last one is valid for me, who would have thought...

I recommend to avoid Tokenpay and think twice before investing in similar unmissable opportunity.


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