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Friday, May 18, 2018

ProfitableMorrows - scam since 23/May/2018 (211 paid days)

ProfitableMorrows has joined ISA in January this year, so it is absolutely not new project, but still alive while other big projects are in trash already!
I am sorry that I haven't written reviews in these months, but this season was the worst ever in hyip industry. Even after the closure of LibertyReserve was better to play hyips than these months. I still think the reason is/was btc-boom, but it is not really important when we talk about ProfitableMorrows!

I think that I do not have to focus on small details since these are clear for everyone. Here we can earn 4.5% daily for 34 business days or 112% after 12 calendar days. Nothing more, nothing less. Withdrawals are processed within 24 hours (FAQ), but usually even faster - within few hours (min. limit 1$ | 0.005Ƀ)

I was always skeptic when I saw 10% or similar referral commission level, but PM convinced me that it can really work, moreover it can push the project ahead (3 levels: 10-1-1% | 15-2-1% for representatives!)
The dashboard is absolutely userfriendly, some programmers (or admins ;) should learn how to keep this level without complicated or hard to find functions. As you can see currency types are handled separately, so you won't have headache if you prefer to invest via coins. Your money won't be converted vice-versa like in cheaper, mostly goldcoders based scripts.

I can show you my referral stats as well. Yeah, nothing extra, but in this season it is still OK, mainly because most of investors are scared to reinvest and/or rather join under RCB monitors to maximize the ROI if the project is not insured here.

SSL certificate from Comodo expires in 67 days, hope the admin will extended it soon. But we do not have to be worried about domain expiration, it is paid till 2027!

If you would like to hear and see how it works, you can watch promo videos. + PM has live Telegram and Twitter channels as well.

The question is: is it still worth to invest or is it late now? I guess nobody can answer this question, only the admin. Nothing is safe on the net. I just wanted to say with this quick review that the admin of ProfitableMorrows does very good job, mainly in this season when all competitors are failing fast. Thumbs up one more time!

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