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Sunday, June 17, 2018

Tokenizer - scam already, lived 77 days in the worst season!

Tokeniser doesn't have static life on ISA like other projects. Firstly it was listed in Normal category since 30/April. Then I upgraded it to Premium section thanks to perfect performance - 22/May. Then the admin decided to upgrade to Reserved 5-star category on 4/Jun with active insurance (24LTC). 6 days left till the expiration, but I think it won't be necessary ;)

Tokenizer is quite attractive project thanks to decent daily earnings which is not little and not too much, but minimum 5% on business days and 2% on weekends till we reach 150% ROI.

We can deposit via BTC, ETH, LTH and BCH. Withdrawal limits: 0.00112BTC, 0.0025ETH, 0.0041LTC, 0.00041BCH. This is why I wonder how can some RCB hunters claim less than the minimal withdrawable amount. Of course my income is always higher, so I do not have problem to withdraw these teeny amounts, just I do not think that it is fair. This is why I added to RCB rules that the min. rcb value must be higher than 5$ if the deposit was made via coins. I will start to practice this rule and will check the votes as well because I think saying your opinion is worth once you get rcb, mainly because it can help to others. I am not interested to hear how cool is rcb, but your opinion about the project. This is big difference.

Alright, back to Tokenizer. Now it has more features than in the beginning. It is available in the following languages: RuEnDeJaEsKorCn. You can find the tutorial video on YouTube. It is possible to earn some extra bucks if you retweet the news or create a video review. The referral system is also good, 5% from deposits and 5% from referrals' earnings. One person already contacted me how he can get the commission from his daily earnings back from me. This kind of referral system is very rare, so I declare such commissions as my earnings. If you are not satisfied at all, try to find somebody who pays back this type of commissions. Oh, and let me know ;)

The userpanel looks good. I like to see when my next earnings will be credited. This live counter is not hidden, it is the biggest element once you log in. And if we talk about userpanel, let me share the generated money of my referrals. Quite solid result even if the English market is not so strong. (When it was? ; )

Tokenizer isn't brand new project, started 48 days ago, but still alive while others fail. I think most of us earned nice money already - who invested in the beginning. And if you reinvested, the next BEP is close again, so I can just congratulate. Keep this project alive! - but invest only what you can afford to lose!


  1. I cannot access my account since July 14, 2018 and my has gone with the wind �� so sad... They don't even reply in the email.. ������


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