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Thursday, June 7, 2018

WestlandStorage - scam since 8/Nov/2018 (223 paid days)

WestlandStorage has purchased Reserved 5-star listing on 14/May/2018. The insurance is active for 30 days. Source currency: 15.32LTC

What is your opinion, are low ROI, long-term projects still attractive in the worst period ever? Will see, but I haven't got so many referrals within first 20 days...

What is the deal hear? You can earn 1% daily "forever" (0.5% on weekends), but you can withdraw your principal after 40 days at 50% fee (FAQ). Something is wrong there because the admin said me this: principal can be returned anytime at 50% fee, or just 25% fee after 40 days. But if it is not officially written, then it does not exist...

The first level of referral commissions pays 10% and the second 5%. At least this is good attraction point for promoters since the earnings in low-ROI long-term projects aren't attractive for hyip players at all. Maybe it can work on "newer" markets or for new wave of newbie investors.

We can deposit via most frequent coins like BTC, LTC, BCH, DASH, ETH, XRP, ZEC. The BEP is reachable within 17 weeks, which is quite long time (but WestlandStorage is not hot&fast project) and then everything over this is our profit. If you prefer to get your principal back at 50% fee, you need to wait more than 8 weeks to do not end with loss.

The user panel looks good, and the first thing you can see is that you can earn few extra cents by filling up your profile (telephone nr verification), sharing on social channels, download mobile app or video review. But if you can live without extra cents named as WLS (forced investment, but earnings are withdrawable), just try to keep your identity. I do not recommend to give your phone number to any admin, so just skip this feature ;)

One thing is still not working, but it is negative just for those who would like to track referral commissions. The links do not work at all, so we can't know who invested and also can't see the hash/batch numbers (maybe just Chrome? - but this is the most popular browser). The admin promised to fix it 3 times, nothing happened.

Most of investors prefer to know who is the admin before investing, but in this case all clear thanks to similarities - even if the story is different. Good to know that his projects are having longer lifetime, but profitability is not so high for basic investors without downline due to low daily earnings. If I see hot and fast projects are loved nowadays, but many times these projects scam fast. So if you prefer "safer" projects, WestlandStorage can be good choice. Of course this is not my recommendation to invest just because hyips are dangerous. But if you are a gambler like me, then there is a chance to earn ;)
Good luck!


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