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There are so many reasons, stories, gossips why it happened, but we need to hear your story! Why now, difficulties, generated profit, if any...

Our needs always create new trends in hyip business, but we need feedback if you decide close the shop prematurely, because it is a pure symbiosis nowadays. You can't make money without us, we also can't make money without you. Both sides must be satisfied to keep the system alive, so we will honor your feedback even you scammed us. Frequent, early scams deter even old players and big investors, who will leave the industry.  Do something progressive for the industry and share your story with us:


  1. Hello #name#
    First of all sorry friends that we closed B-D Global Share . we our best to alive that but we are not successful and in result we loss 4000$+. You know friends/Guys that this year many promising programs close early . why ?
    1St reason in this year (2015) everything is slow not hyip industry but every business getting down day by day and some fast scam admin killed this industry .
    i am telling you truth that in our program 113 members active (Monitors included)in 75 days really great growth of 2015:(. So you can think how we managed this and how we can continue because my account are now empty all amounts shared. now we have only 150$+ in btc and 10$ Payza 7$ PM 3$ Payeer .
    Sorry again guys this is a really very bad year for all of us .

    Check here some reality

  2. Seems you tried your best, but you are right. Some greedy admins (who had popular promising programs) started the scamwave heavily in January and EgoPay scammed us as well in the very same time. From that point the industry is far away to back on track. I am really sorry for those admins who had good intentions, but failed due to lack of current bad circumstances. Of course there are more factors which admins can use to have attractive programs, but this is another story.
    Thank you so much for sharing, hope you will come back when the circumstances will be better.

  3. Hello Everyone.
    I would like to share with You my story - why I had to cose my program - CoffeeWealth.
    Firstly, everything what will be posted here is 100% truth.

    Why did I create this program? Because I wanted to get some profit, because I wanted to show myself that I can, to let smart investors win (not earn, but win - it is game like in the casino). And - to heal a little this industry...
    Why did I close my program? Well... I had problems with BTC - API and GC script. Usually when I tried to process withdrawals, I got and "error: #" (no reason). When script worked fine, I had to move money from a lot of addresses to one address (for withdrawals) manually, because "collecting money" feature did not work. When I contacted GC, they told me they don't know the problem and I should contact When I contacted, they did not reply. I contacted them second time and I did not get the answer again... 2 days ago I have been informed about one feature which will let me to change withdrawals addresses automacially. Infortunately, API accepts this method up to 2500 active addresses, but this day I had them over 2600. I wish I could be paying for longer time. I had a lot of ideas for my programs, to promote it. It could run for longer time. But I have been forced to close CoffeeWealth because just BTC processing took even 3 hours. Replying e-mails with requests like "please change my BTC address because BlockChain changed my address" took me also a lot of time. Even if I informed such person that his old wallet still works - he backed me to after one day, after next day, again and again. Everyone who uses knows that their page needs a lot of time to be fully loaded. On the phone it took much more time (even 5 minutes to load the site because of the amount of the addresses).
    Admin is not machine. He has also family, private problems. He can also be sick. I could manage the program longer time but my private time didn't allow me to. I spent a lot of time on the program, sleeping sometimes 3 hours, sometimes I did not even sleep 1 hour.
    I know the mistakes I made and know how to prevend them in my future program.
    I am not happy from this result, I am not glad. Not because I had too less profit. I did not even want such big profit but the problems with BTC API and the script destroyed my time. With other processors - like PM, Payeer, AdvCash - there were almost no problems.
    I am very sorry to people who lost here. Please remember - HYIPs are like casino. It is like the game. In CoffeeWealth even I did not know when I will close program. I had to make the decision in almost one day. Remember that the most important thing is to take Your principal back. Do not play amounts which You can't afford to lose. I am not satisfied from lifetime of my program. Again - I am so sorry.

  4. Well, it is hard to say anything positive in this situation, mainly because late investors lost their money, but this is a risky game and we know...
    I heard similar issues about, I just wonder how can other admins handle similar volume of transactions... I am having GC script as well and know very well how slow the GC guys are and how problematic is getting modifications.
    I think your words are true, thanks for sharing and hope you will solve this problem in your next project.

  5. Hello guys, I have a mail from admin of

    Dear members of ISA,

    I just want to say how sorry I am that we had to close GameBet. I think I am the most sad out of everyone, as I thought there was so much potential for a successful
    project that would run a long time and let many people profit.

    First of all, I want to say how much respect I have for ISA and the members here. I hope that ISA will always be here to continue to educate and inform people.
    I am so grateful that the admin of ISA let me add my project, and I am very sorry that I have disapointed him and all of the wonderful members here.

    We really did our best with this project. We had a really good start, but unfortunately, after the 3rd day we are losing more and more money every day. As there were
    almost new deposits and almost no reinvestments, there was no way that we could continue any longer. The last day we are paying, we have only $2k in deposits and over $14k in withdrawals,
    and this is after we have already been losing thousands every day after day 3. I hope you will understand, this is not about greed. If there is not enough new money coming in, then it is
    impossible to continue. If you have lost money, alot of it has gone to the pockets of promoters, monitors, and bloggers and not only the admin.

    My only regret with this project was that we launched it after a bad time, when investors have already lost so much from recent big scams. Maybe we should have also not added so many bloggers
    and monitors at the start, but the main problem was that the industry is currently so bad. If we had a decent inflow of money, then to continue longer would not have been a problem.

    I hope that you will all forgive me. I am also very saddened by this, and I have done everything in my power to pay as long as possible, until it became impossible.


    GameBet Admin

  6. Hello

    Loanbit has been a good program for many who started with us since beginning. It would have been even a better one if it could survive November, but for the last weeks it has been losing funds - payments going out exceeding incoming deposits. We kept adding our funds & kept promoting with advertisements (these cost a lot too), but it is clear that November is going to be bad for Bitcoin investment sites due to 2 reasons: high Btc price & upcoming hard fork. If you think that the site got a lot of Btc - you are mistaken. We paid out more than we got + ads + cost of development + support cost. Sometimes programs are yielding no profit and even bring losses to admins too, it's something that users won't understand until they start one & see the inside. It's sad that it ended in this way as it was one of the best designed sites with a good team behind it. if you deposited on the last 2 days and you lost, let ISa admin know and we will help you out, of course we can't help all as we are losers here too. but at least we are open to consider doing something for the community. all the best, LB


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