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All my referrals are insured automatically till the insurance is active. Check the counter next to name of the projects on the main monitor.

Do not trust other insurance providers in hyip field if they 
1) do not have rules (or copied/edited mine)
2) do not show detailed requests
3) publish just the final percentage (who can't show 100% or similar attractive rate? ;)
4) if investors aren't able to express their issues in public way
5) if you can't see any trace of older compensations, do not believe that the site is serious.
Non transparent work - cheating. So here you are in the best place where each investor counts!

Insurance packages:
1) Reserved 5-star: $2000 for 20 days (+60% from our reserve), 50% from original insurance remains active for another 20 days (+50% from our reserve). 40 days in total.

2) Premium: $1400 for 15 days (20 days*) + 55% from our reserve, 50% from original insurance remains active for another 15/20 days (+50% from our reserve). 30/35 days in total.

3) Lifetime package: individual amount for a long time or forever (+50% from our reserve in the first 30 days)
Normal programs are no longer insured
*if the shortest investment plan is longer than the default length of insurance. Some admins offer higher and/or longer insurance, so do not wonder if you see not typical length or amount ;) 

Of course you can use RCB service as well, there is no limitation. You do not have to pay nothing to be compensated. You can use all services even without registration.

>>> RULES:

  1. ISA must be the first an only upline, changing uplines to get better conditions is not fair.
  2. No compounding is allowed while the insurance is active.
  3. Double accounts are not covered even if you are my referral.
  4. You must withdraw all available money daily from your balance during this period. Few missed days are acceptable(2-3), but these amounts will be counted as withdrawn.
  5. Fast projects - A1D type "after1day"the longest plan to choose is 5-days plan. You can choose longer plans, but the risk is purely yours.
  6. Projects with DAILY & AFTER-PLANS - if you choose any "after-plan": I will deduct theoretical earnings from the claimed amount according to corresponding daily investment plan & amount of your deposit. The longest "after-plan" in this category is 10-days long. Choosing "after-plan" is too risky and greedy choice and it is absolutely not fair to other solid investors.
  7. The maximal coverage is 100-150$ per investor. You can find the exact amount in the news or program description. Of course you can deposit more, but only these limits will be taken into calculation. 
  8. I can't cover those investments which were made once the project has been moved to OnHold or Scam sections with changed status. I highly recommend to check the status of the project on ISA before you invest.
  9. EXCHANGE FEE 3% - I recommend to use the source currency which is available without exchange fee. You can choose the most frequent payment processors, excluding not typical ones like Paypal, Skrill, etc. 
  10. TRANSACTION FEE is not paid by ISA to keep available the full amount of insurance. This fee depends on chosen payment processor/cryptocurrency. Some fixed fee:
    Payeer: 0.95%
    PerfectMoney: 0.5%
  11. Deposits/withdrawals/RCB: describe all transactions in USD(1); COINS(2) just in "btc-only"/"coins-only"projects, where the amount of insurance is held in coins. Use the same exchange rate when you invested (or claimed RCB). I do not allow arbitrage.
  12. All investments are counted per investor, not just the last one.
  13. You must provide correct login details if the site is online. If it went offline, screenshots become mandatory, at least from e-wallets - if you do not have screenshots at all. (tip: create a filter to show all transactions from admin's wallet)
  14. If you got referral commissions less than $20 in total, it won't be deducted from the claimed amount. If you earned more (extra income), it will be deducted IF you can't provide proofs that you paid referral commissions back to your referrals.
  15. The list of compensation requests is published on the ISAF forum after 3 days once all requests are checked. Then you have 24 hours to ask me if you have any issue with your request, mainly if it is marked as wrong - below the main list. Follow the news for actual instructions if you are not sure.
  16. You can place your compensation requests just through the official form till it is active (on this page). 3 days are more than enough even if you are busy.
  17. The time has better value than the money, so place your request just once, but carefully. Our time is as valuable as yours. Save ours and we will save yours.

  • THE RATE of compensation depends on volume of correct requests and deposited amounts. Please do not think that all investors are insured up to 2000$. If I have 100 active referrals, each with 2000$ deposit, do you believe that is there any admin who gave me 200k in advance to cover everything? 2000$ (or equivalent amount) is all the money to share. Insurance is not a guarantee how to make profit, but you can get some money back in the worst situation. By other words you can avoid 100% loss in insured projects till the insurance is active. Please note, there are more important factors why to invest than being insured. Be smart and try to get extra background information, search for something outstanding and if your 6th sense says YES, then the insurance won't be needed at all. Do not invest in any project just because it's new and insured, it's a really serious advice.


Only through the official form below while it is active. But you can prepare some things in advance, screenshots mainly, so you can't be surprised when you fill out the form.

Please provide all required details correctly within 3 days till the form is active. Providing all details on time and correctly is absolutely your responsibility. The insurance form is active just for 3 days and disappears automatically. Then I publish the submitted requests on the FORUM where you can see the reasons as well if the requests are wrong. Of course it is published in news on ISA as well, please follow. Then you will have 24 hours to leave a comment in the same thread on the forum if you think that there is something wrong with your request. Then I make the final calculation and share the insurance. Once the insurance is shared, there is no further chance to accept more requests for any reason.
SCREENSHOT freeware if needed:
    Fill the form below to place your compensation request:

    All requests are listed on the forum in the specified threads, not here on the blog.


    1. Thank's for compensation!
      The amount of 89.59 USD has been deposited to your account. Accounts: U2625028->U127xxxxx. Memo: Insurance from ISA for Aptian. Date: 22:11 07.10.17. Batch: 190674283.

    2. You make it difficulty for us to get insurance by demanding impossible things. This is the second time I will not get anything from your user name is Oy777 for bitsequence

      1. What to do, I am the bad guy... If you say impossible, then you create and underline that it is really impossible.

      2. I never never had any problems with getting my Insurance. Admin is one of the most honest people in the HYIP field, but i see a lot of people who can't/refuse to read the rules to apply for insurance. It is not that complicated imho.

    3. I am not recived insurance om scame money

    4. Many thanks for the compensation!!!!

      The amount of 23.16 USD has been deposited to your account. Accounts: U2625028->U107! Memo: Insurance from ISA for Advancedbit. Date: 21:20 30.09.18. Batch: 230196035.

    5. Thank you for Elirtex insurance, really helpful :)

    6. Thank you so much!!!
      The amount of 8.69 USD has been deposited to your account. Accounts: U2625028->U107! Memo: Insurance from ISA for Dominat. Date: 15:56 05.02.19. Batch: 245456503.

    7. I requested the insurance for Tokex, nickname Carlox95 ty mate :)

    8. How do I register on insurance project


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    Hyips are just risky games where you can lose all your money. Information on this blog are expressing my opinion what is not an advice to invest. I do not recommend to invest what you cannot afford to lose.

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