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Ponzi 2.0

Ponzi scheme - ponzi 2.0

By simple words: you can earn while there are new investors who bring enough money to the system. But this statement is valid for ideal situation which doesn't exist.

There are many factors when an investment program becomes available for investors. The admin is affected by many people, but one thing is the same at all affecters - all they want money from the admin. So the project is not managed by the mean idea of ponzi, but by pressure of different factors and people. Let we see all the factors of ponzi 2.0:

1) Money on the first place - you are right.

Money is the engine of all projects, no exception. The admin is influenced by inflow/outflow. If the program has high quality, many investors will put big amounts on the first days into the system which is very dangerous. The world is big and there can be hundred of investors, so think twice how much you will risk! Average programs receive average inflow. These programs become unstable when a newbie - who doesn't know to play this game - put high amount into the system. This risk is active till the program exists.
At low-end programs first deposits can mean the end so don't join low-end (mainly 1-day -) projects!

2) Cheaters  - unpleasant part of the system

We can name them blackmailers, ddos attackers, etc. 

I am sure they lost their money in the beginning and know that they can't be successful in investing, this is the reason that they decided to get some money (which is their only income source) directly from admins, forcing all new programs to pay them $50-500 to avoid negative campaign (bad votes on monitors and forums - even with !photoshopped! snapshots of transactions or ddos attacks). If the admin is not smart and if it's his first project, these bad guys can ruin the program.

3) Monitors - money eaters

- At this time I do not mean high listing prices, listing fees, but their daily consumption if the program is not popular yet, so the project has weak inflow (or if it can be more popular, but monitored almost by all monitors). It is too much money which goes out from the program for green statuses.
Also, if the admin bought lot of exclusive listings, but there is something wrong with the program (design, hosting, attacks, several bugs, etc.), new investors won't risk their money into unstable program even in the beginning everything was ok.
In the meantime purchased monitors eat the admin's funds and he is forced to take action. With few monitors there is a chance that the admin will wait and pay us, because by time he gets investors (unwritten law), but at high outflow he will escape from the pressure. (Just for example: a program which pays 12% for 10 days. In this case monitors will reinvest only in the end - when they withdrew all funds, so it is too high outflow if there are no investors.)

- Fake bad statuses - even between trusted monitors are fake ones. Like the cheaters above, they also force the admin to pay them to get green status. If you check these monitors, you can see no investment or just a single withdrawal during the lifetime of the program what is a clear cheating indicator. *I dealt with allmonitors(dot)net to filter these monitors, but its administrator moves only conspicuous ones to the Fake Monitors section, tricky ones remain in normal and trusted classes...

4) Payment processors - fast account blocking, slow support

It is hardly ever valid for PerfectMoney, but mainly for SolidTrustPay and Payza. If the problem is not solved fast with payment processor, this loss will probably cause collapse.

5) Technical problem

Huge ddos attacks, database loss, bugs in custom made programs, doubled withdrawals, communication problems, mainly if the admin hasn't enough experience.

6) Timing

New programs in the end of year have less chance to survive, the admin needs to have more initial capital to cover losses in first months, but it can be compensated nicely in the following months.
Also, almost all admins use December to scam us. They are people who need money for presents like we, so be very careful in the end of the year.

~ Final conclusion ~

If the admin is not a newbie and he is able to handle all attacks and deal with people, he is only waiting for the highest inflow to close the program. => so not until while are new investors (which is an ideal concept of old ponzi) because the game has to be ended on the top. This is the reason why this game is so difficult and risky. Hope it was understandable.


  1. Very helpful article with lots of good advice. I have a question though about your fourth point about payment processors. Could you explain more about what you are advising there, please?

    Thanks. I'm combing through many of your posts and finding them all helpful.

  2. I am happy if the articles were helpful. There is no general rule because each situation is different. You can join the main chat to see our opinions about new projects.


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