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Top secret rules

Can't learn? Can't win!

In this section I'd like to share my experience, mainly the best indicators to invest or cashing-out. The information below comes  from my faults and successes which has real learning price because as a newbie I lost some money, but as a good student I learnt from my faults and by time earned back my lost money. There are several rules/indicators to know, but there is only one to understand in the first place!
The program is not bad, the admin is a responsible person (who looks like a real business man in better programs, but the game is clear, he wants our hard earned money and) who will scam us if some rules to leave are fulfilled.

What I am talking about?

1) RULES TO START   "Be selective"

  1. Don't join all promising programs, you have to choose the best ones only! Don't be afraid to leave the program if you feel that there is something wrong. You will probably avoid a loss even the program is paying at the moment.
  2. There are only few programs which pay more than one cycle, so the best time to invest when the program starts. Check their status & progress on allmonitors in first days (all experienced players do that) - how much and which kind of monitors are purchased.
  3. What to do next: check, check and check! you have to look for more details - like hosting provider, (ssl, ddos protection - a "must have" standard), domain expiration, Alexa graph- these details are only additional, but also can be useful as extended indicators.
  4. Bad votes on forums on the first day? It is not a positive thing, but you have to understand these can be fake voters, competitors, attackers, cheaters who force the admin to pay them because they will start: negative campaign, shouts on monitors, ddos attacks, etc.
  5. Take a look on banners as well, nicely customized banners suggest better program (flash banners are the best).
  6. Customized FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) page is also a good sign, it means that the admin spent more time on it, so it's also a sign of professionalism. 
  7. Ask! There can be several things what you can't find in FAQ section. Fast answer is a good sign. Has the program live chat? Test it! Has a telephone number? Make a test call! (at least: ring? - ok...)
  8. Pictures in their Facebook profile are also good indicators. Low quality (pixel-noise) pictures OR the same pictures from their main page without customization are not the best signs.
        DO NOT JOIN
  • programs which have hourly plans and promise extremely high ROI within one day.
  • programs with poor design and basic template if the admin is not known and offers high ROI or hourly plans. These projects are very cheap, the admin can scam us after first initial deposits.
  • programs with branding (logo of designers in the footer) what is very unprofessional and it is a sign of low budget. Removing usually costs only $50.

2) RULES TO INVEST   "$100 is more than enough"

  1. I do not recommend to invest more than $100/program because there can be hundreds of investors who deposited high amounts at the same time what make extremely high inflow. For almost all admins $5000 of profit is enough money to switch off the PAY button just because he reached the target within 1-2 days and he mustn't deal with attackers and cheaters. So with "lower" deposits we can extend the lifetime in general.
  2. Do not put all eggs into one basket! Diversify your investment into more projects, this method reduces the risk of losing all your money.
  3. Good choice can be depositing via STP or Payza at high ROI programs (for example 12% for 10 days). You have better chance to be paid longer if the admin scam us during the cycle. Just because admins can't use their funds in STP/Payza. They usually block admin's account and reverse all transactions. So admins pay longer via STP/Payza in compare with other payment processors. These e-wallets don't consume too much fee at high ROI programs, but it is not worth to invest in programs with 1% daily rate.
  4. Vote & comment! There is only few people who understand why is it important. If a program is not supported on forums and popular monitors, all new investors will see "no action" on forums and monitors. No action -> no investors -> no profit. If you invested, at least place a comment when you got paid - this is one of the possible ways how to save your deposit and achieve future earnings.
  5. Past or current performance can't guarantee further progress just because it is operated by people and not by robots.
  6. Your experience makes you better! By time you will see that some programs, strategies, activities of hyip admins are very similar so you can probably identify which admin is on the board.
  7. Do not trust anybody here! Only the admin knows what can be the next step, because he is affected by inflow-outflow, blackmailers, attackers, monitors (consume also too much money). So the situation is not clear in the beginning, it becomes clear during the game.
  8. Join the first cycle. As I mentioned above, there are only few programs which are able to cover several cycles. With reinvestment you will probably lose.
  9. Golden rule - invest only what you can afford to lose and do not use your family's budget!

3) RULES TO LEAVE   "early cashing-out brings profit"

  1. Newsletters introducing new, high ROI plans or deposit bonuses usually mean that the game is over. Try to withdraw all your money if it is possible.
  2. Newsletters with emotions - it's a warning sign also, withdraw your money immediately!
  3. Newsletters introducing extremely progress, for example 2000 investors within one week, $2.000.000 total deposit means that not everything is all right. The admin wants pretend outstanding success what is usually a lie. In general after few days (till one week) the admin will scam us. So if the admin starts this kind of flam, leave the
     sinking ship!
  4. Bad votes on forums - be sure it is not a blackmailer with 2-5 votes!
  5. Bad status on trusted monitor. Sometimes "trusted monitors" are also cheaters and force the admin pay them for changing the status to PAYING. These monitors usually don't have too much traffic, their income comes from cheating. Check their traffic by Alexa. Is it ok? The situation is bad... the negative status of this monitor can make a wave of changing statuses of lower class monitors changing the program's general status. Ask the monitor immediately for the reason and decide.

People are different, so you may have another rules, but these ones mentioned above helped me earn real money with minimum fails. Fails are elements of the game, you have to accept it. The most important thing is LEARNING. Learn the rules, stop losing and start earning!
I personally do not recommend for my friends and family to join this high risk area, and do not recommend for you as well. Hyip world was created only for gamblers who have enough money to lose, that's the truth!


  1. I like your philosophy, and the way you presented this info.For the first time i have seen, some body has described hyip investing as it plainly and simply is ,....a pure and simple gamble, so no need to cry when you lose,or laugh when you win! im one of the gamblers myself and hope i can learn more from this site...thanks;

  2. merci pour les R├Ęgles top secret


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Hyips are just risky games where you can lose all your money. Information on this blog are expressing my opinion what is not an advice to invest. I do not recommend to invest what you cannot afford to lose.

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