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Why InstantScamAlert?

Is ISA the most investor oriented hyip monitor in the industry? I don't know, but I'd like to hear your opinion as well!

What do you love here?

1) INSURANCE - paid listings come with Insurance for first 10-20 days
2) RCB - extra income on your own deposit, which usually equals to 5% extra income
3) TRUE STATUSES - fast reaction in case of problems
4) REVIEWS - no sweet words and talking of nothing if the program is awful, even if it's a paid listing
5) COMMUNITY - we are growing continuously like a big family: good atmosphere, help + spicy jokes :) 

~ Investor care on the first place ~

You are welcome to contact me in case of problems. I will contact the program administrator to solve your issue, just send me snapshots of your pending withdrawals or temporary login details to verify your problem. After that I will make a pressure for admin.

  • Real paying status
The most important thing which other "trusted" monitors can't do, just because they will show Paying as long as they get paid from the program. They don't care of selective payments even if some better monitors already show Problem or Not Paying.
InstantScamAlert doesn't tolerate selective payments, doesn't deal with unstable programs and of course I change the program's status immediately if there is a verified issue from my downline.

  • Project filtering
InstantScamAlert is not available for all h.y.i. programs. I declined many requests of low-end and unstable programs. I won't support collapsing scams or programs which are scams at first sight. This is an additional protection for you, which is rare in this industry. I have my own job so few bucks from hyip admins don't make me crazy in compare with another monitor admins.

  • Ask me
You can ask me before investing and I will give you real info based on my experience. It can be clever step if you going to invest higher amounts (what I don't recommend, but I will help). Please note, if so many investors ask me where to invest, I can't answer for every mail, I am forced to filter. Mails which don't require response, won't be answered... thank you for understanding. But if you want to ask me 'How are you?" - use the chat, please. 

  • Multilingual supporting
You can contact me in five languages: English, magyar, slovensky, cesky lub polski (do not use diacritics in contact form because the message will be unreadable).

  • Newsletters
I won't spam you with daily updates of crazy programs, I will inform you just about outstanding opportunities. You can subscribe for newsletters in the top right corner on my blog or monitor.

  • Last but not least INSURANCE
I heard many times that you lost in fast scams, what is really sad to hear... this is why I started with Insurance, I'd like to defend you from fast scams. So you will be compensated if the program scams us within first 10-20 days on ISA (depends on type of investment plan). Many members were already compensated and I think no monitor cares about its own referrals more than ISA, I hope you evaluate it :)

Just one more thing...

RCBs (referral commission bonuses) deform this industry. High rcb offers make tricky monitors more popular. They don't care about investors just because they are looking for listing fees. If we could delete rcbs, these low quality monitors should be gone definitely and you could be supported by real statuses. (dream with me...)

So what is important for you?
A "9999% at $0.001" rcb OR your deposit and real profit?
Many investors can't understand it. Then they contact me and cry for help.
So think twice what do you want to do: win?  -or just collect rcb and cry? It's up to you.

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  1. Awesome, i saw your bolg on your signature on MMG..
    i will subscribe on your blog and your monitor.. :D

  2. Longtime I am waiting for this kind of surprising post. You clearly said at this post how to know instant scam alert from hyip. In my estimation you never miss these brands of words while post any blog.
    hyip script demo

  3. wie muß ich in die programme investieren das die versicherung greift ?

  4. Thanks instantscamalert for the payment of sportarb rcb in value $ 1.75 via payeer I will always be here to invest in new programs and I will always be as your reference


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