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With newly introduced INSURANCE investors can alleviate unexpected losses in first 10-20 days. From now all new listings come with insurance (excluding my own picks) in different amounts regarding to listing type:

Reserved 5-star programs: $1000 active for: 20 days
Premium programs: $700 active for: 15 days (20 days*)
Normal programs: $500 active for: 10 days (20 days*)
*if the investment plan is longer than our packet 

Of course this feature is still in early stage so the amount, length, rules will be modified by time according to audience.

Benefits for my referrals:
  • the best way how to get Compensation if you was scammed within first 10 days
  • it does not rule out rcb requests, so you can use both advantages
  • only my referrals are entitled to get compensation
  • the amount of compensation depends on 1) number of active referrals 2) deposited amounts 3) loyalty
Loyalty is expressed as frequent active referral or who provides some benefits for ISA (promoting, popularizing, positive feedback in visible sources, etc.)

Program administrators:
  • Insurance is a security measure on ISA to create safe and comfortable investing atmosphere in our community as a high protection level for my referrals.
  • It wouldn't affect you negatively if you play fair; the Insurance will be refunded after 10 days in full (check the actual length before the purchase)
  • I've got positive feedback from my audience so we are happy to see stronger projects thanks to this filter.

*I must clear one thing due to numerous questions. No, I can't compensate you with the whole value of package, only in case if just one referral invested. I hope you wont imagine that I got 4000$ for 10 active referrals nor 20k$ for 50 referrals from admin, to be able to compensate each referral with 1000$. I have only one 1000$ packet to cover all losses in worst case. But there are still many investors who ask WHY...  


  1. this new insurance feature is a real breakthrough for investors , ISA is the way forward , its a great site where you get honest opinions , i am personally here everyday , its the best source for hyip information . My investments feel much safer through ISA insurance - great job admin

    1. I am happy if you are satisfied, good to see you in our community!

  2. @Zsolt:
    Have you ever considered to change the insurance in the future?

    Not set for 10 days at middle –running deposits or longer-running deposits, but for example on the duration of the shortest plan.

    Example:. Program XYZ.
    Now insurance 10 days but plan is 40 days (middle runtime).
    The admin is charged 10 days after the ISA listing - get the insurance back - and makes day 11 a scam.
    He got through the listing of many investors who goes with a lot of deposits in the next car dealership - and is thrilled about his new Ferrari.

    Or the 2. variant with long-time plans:
    Plan 100 days. Admin gets back insurance at the half of the term (50 days) Or so.

    You can make 3 types of insurance:
    1. after-1-day plans and shortys with plans to 10 days: Insurance as now
    2. Middle-plan within 50 days: Insurance returned after the smallest plan or in case of principal-inclusive-plan insurance return at BEP.
    3. longrun-plan 50+days: insurance back to 50% of the running time.

    Just a thought tonight


    1. Thanks for feedback! Sure, I am thinking about new changes, but first I'd like to make our community more popular. Then I will introduce limitations for programs and better structure of Insurance. I hope by time our community will become the most safest source for hyip investors. Good to see experienced investors like you!


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Hyips are just risky games where you can lose all your money. Information on this blog are expressing my opinion what is not an advice to invest. I do not recommend to invest what you cannot afford to lose.

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