Wednesday, May 31, 2017 - scam already

Hello guys, I havent written anything for a while, mainly because I declined tons of hyips in this dead season. Most probably the progress has started, but very slowly. Today I would like to talk about It was listed in Reserved 5-star section on 24/May, of course with active insurance. You can always find more details regarding insurance in News or even more data if you click on Details button in the menu of listed projects, like this: has a dynamic template, but more or less dark colors are dominating. The level of projecting is well done, just as an investor I do not feel that I should invest there. The script is unique (or a hardly edited h-script? - or just inspired by this script which is widely used mainly on the Russian market?), so probably the admin is a programmer (correct me if I am wrong). He created a really cool project, but I am not sure that it can attract so many investors like other eye-catching hot&fast hyips which is also not bad. He must work on the site to get wider audience and meanwhile we can earn and this is what we are looking for. Just we should hope that he is having good intention which is usually the main question.

As you can see in official newsletters, he is active, working, delivering extra things like the video presentation, UK CH certificate, prize game on Telegram, bonus for sharing the video. I think it is not all, good to see active admins. But for example the game prize on Telegram can't be really effective since we do not have time to wait all day long to catch the question and answer as fast as possible to be the first. Not effective, but at least it is something plus. Giving bonus for sharing the video is more effective way even I dislike bonuses at all, but just if it is given for "nothing" as other cheap admins do, who do not have any better idea or creativity at all.

Regarding video presentation, I miss the motivation factor why to invest, but it is a typical problem for hyips because admins usually make new projects frequently so by time they are less and less creative, a burnout syndrome. Of course the exception proves the rule. 

I do not post any data regarding investment plan, referral system, etc. Please visit our forum where it is already posted:

So what is the question? - invest or not? I give the space to make decision. I hope you enjoyed my thoughts and see the way (paragraph below the picture), but you know... Even third party problems can affect hyips or the main factor - human factor which is not predictable...

If you choose, I wish you good luck. Have a good week, guys!
We can talk on our forum in the specified thread, so if you have something to tell, just leave a message on the forum or here on the blog. The comments in the main chat are rolling faster, so it is harder to check if you are away for a while. Thanks for reading, cheers ✌

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Saturday, April 29, 2017

Detron - scam already

Detron has purchased R5 listing on 25/April. Hard times in hyip industry and I also have to be very picky to save investors' money. I allowed to be listed just minimum projects, Detron was one of them. 
I liked Detron at the first sight, great logo and name, not like other cheap projects which likely use money or diamonds in domain name and then falling like a star.
The admin contacted me so many times in previous weeks, but I preferred to wait to see the development of Detron. I really liked that he is working on the site and Detron is having real progress. Of course there is still a leeway - e.g. how it works video is still missing. 
As a negative point I can mention hired monitors as representatives, generating constant outflow in three levels: 10-3-1% while the general referral system allows to get 6-3-1%. Hyip monitors should do the job without luxury benefits mainly because they are paid (fees, investment, banners sometimes). So I really hate such wasting nowadays when the reinvest rate is low in general. Of course it can be explained from another viewpoint as a motivation factor for rcb hunters, but is it good way?

Detron started with one investment plan in the beginning which generates floating earnings up to 4% daily (2% average) and stops at 150%. To have wider portfolio the admin added another investment plans where principals are included in daily payments: 

I really like principal-included investment plans in this season since principal-back plans usually make high pressure on admins who stop paying when the first deposit wave is expiring or even earlier.

Regarding insurance, on 25/April Detron gave us 2500$ for 30 days. I repeat myself every time, that it can't be the only factor why to invest mainly nowadays, but in the worst case you can get some money back. Unfortunately I set low coverage limit per investor, just 50$, to avoid high deposit wave and negative impact on Detron, however it is widely known and monitored project.
You can also read at Detron "All deposits are insured. Company transfer 7% of the profit to a special insurance fund". Some projects in the past used this marketing trick, but be sure that we have just such amount of insurance which is confirmed by another monitoring sites or organizations, not more.

The template, structure of modules are made by professionals, even the logo, its sounding matches the field of operation, so thumbs up for admin. The script is more or less unique, even some modules are minimalistic, but who cares if we are paid instantly ;)

Of course you can find even more details which are worth to discuss, but all important things were mentioned, except one thing. It is missing even in FAQ, but not just here, but it is a general issue, because admins do not think as investors. It is about BTC deposits, mainly if  the script handles investments just in USD. I asked the admin, so here is the explanation how it is handled:
The live rate is used for deposits (Bitstamp is the default source, 2nd source btc-e). If the price goes down, the script allocates more BTC for withdrawals, so BTC investors can't lose even in case of significant changes. Not the best way, but at least we know how it is handled at Detron.

I have positive opinion thanks to job of professionals at Detron. The admin mentioned future plans which can ensure progress, so I can just hope he can fulfill the promises and continue on the right way. Of course we know that sometimes even non predictable events can have affect on investment sites, so as always, be careful, guys. Invest only what you can afford to lose.

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Friday, April 28, 2017

tvorim-dobro - scam already

Total lifetime: 39 days
Monitored: 13 days
Cycles: 1 cycle if invested between first investors
Satisfaction: disappointed, mainly because the admin came out with so cheap story regarding hosting and deleted BTC account. Thumbs down!

Tvorim-dobro or Doing-good? Why to have 2 names for the same project? Even ISA remains the same in different languages, just because this is the name of the site. But, lets take a closer look on TD.
TD has purchased R5 listing 18/April. That time I declined several listing requests hoping for the best deal for investors.

It is clear that TD primarily was not made for English market (domain), so our little English market can't make as high pressure with initial deposit wave and with extremely low reinvestment rate. Probably this is why TD is still alive and paying instantly. The daily earnings are quite high - 4.44%, but running just for 34 days, so the total ROI ends at 150.96%. The referral system pays out 7-2-1-1% (up to 10-2-2-2% depending on volume of referrals' investments), but it seems the script does not act automatically, since I reached the 2nd level in first day, but still getting just 7%.

The template has fresh feeling, which is definitely good, just the timing is not so good. This is very weak season due to collapse of giants and tons of hyips as domino effect. This is why is good that TD is present on more markets at the same time. I really hope the admin will able to manage TD for more than a cycle, but it depends not just on him, but on investors.

There were some guys who reported BTC withdrawals which were rolled back after long waiting period. This is why the admin increased the minimal withdraw to 5$ with 0.6$ fee, so the transaction should be fast. Probably it wasn't good nor optional way how to solve such situation, mainly because there are several investors with low deposits, so they can't withdraw at all...

Also, BTC seems to be not the best way to invest in hyips, but definitely fast way for newbies.

Last but not least. We got 2500$ insurance for 30 days. I hope it won't be needed at all, but please do not invest just because of insurance. There are more important factors why to invest/not invest, mainly if the market is as weak as now. Good luck guys!

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Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Richmondberks - scam already

Total lifetime: 158 days
Monitored: 133 days
Cycles: 2 cycles if I count BEPs
Satisfaction: not really satisfied, because in the last month almost nobody was able to get the principal back due to extremely long waiting period (20 days).

Richmond Berks LTD has purchased Reserved 5-star listing on 19/Dec/2016. The insurance was active for 20 days ($1k BTC). It is monitored by ISA since 29 days, so it's time to take a closer look around Richmondberks (RB). 

This is a pure unique project with nice template and great user panel. It is enough to check few pages to know that this is not a fast hyip category, maybe just the interest rate is not so attractive. Here we can earn 1.4% daily forever (0.7% on weekends), so we can reach the BEP in 12 weeks, which is not short period, I think you agree. Of course you can increase your income with RCB (+10%) and now you can get +5% to your investment with my promo code, so RB is really unique place to invest: ISA-5

Just one thing about RCB. Please use the same email address as you use at RB. In this case I can identify you - the commission from your deposit, usernames are not needed at all.
You can withdraw your principal anytime, but at 50% fee, so do not do it in the first days, it is not worth. If you would like to withdraw your earnings, use the Sell RBD button in the top right corner. The name of the button is deceptive, but equals to Withdraw button as we know from Goldcoders based hyips. Withdrawals are processed instantly at the moment, principals are handled manually.

Here you have a Bonus balance and you get 10$ signup bonus, just you can't withdraw this balance. It generates 0.05% interest every day. Maybe now you are disappointed, but it is much more than nothing! Mainly because you can get even more bonus by doing simple tasks, check the picture:
Moreover, you can get 1$ from each of your referrals if you send them "red envelope". They will get 1$ bonus as well once they accept your gift. You can find this feature under "My partners" link in the drop down menu:

Of course it is not all, Richmondberks has a downloadable mobile application for Android and Apple devices as well. You can check your balances or the news through this app, but can't make transactions. No problem, it is big thing, mainly because both markets are paid places even you do not sell anything, just publish a free application, so thumbs up for the admin! This is how it looks like:

It is possible that the admin will increase the earnings later, will see, and probably there will be another great news, but I think the information above show clearly that it is not just a hyip, but a well prepared project. I can just hope that the human factor is also great, but do not tempt the devil by investing too high amounts. Just play for fun! If you prefer to be my referral and enjoy some benefits, join with my referral link, good luck!

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Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Zinc7 - scam already

Total lifetime: 170 days
Monitored: 128 days
Cycles: 5 cycles (daily plan)
Satisfaction: satisfied, but the scamming story was so unprofessional...

Zinc7 has purchased Reserved 5-star listing almost 3 months ago, on 23/Oct/2016. The insurance was active in first 20 days (1k PM). Zinc7 is one of the oldest projects without review on ISA. So I am really sorry for late review, but I think good results remain good even without words :)

Zinc7 was born when the classic C7 projects definitively ended the series. I remember that we were worried to invest in project which was just a trendy follower, not really original. But we were wrong, Zinc7 is still here and having the same or even better results than C7 projects. My words are not negative, I just wanted to say that we are amazed, the result is unbelievable! 

Investment plans:
1) 7% daily on business days during 30 calendar days, total ROI 154%, min. investment 25$
2) 110% after one week

Accepted e-wallets:
PerfecMoney, Payeer, Bitcoin, Advcash, Payza

Withdrawals are processed manually. Max. time-frame for processing withdrawals: 48 business hours. Min. amount to withdraw: 2.5$. Recently the withdrawals are processed almost instantly. The notification emails are starting to be more informative, we can see batch numbers for example. The user-panel is also starting to be more informative, just few searching options look like an economy class. I really like that the admin spent time and money to fix some bugs, and I can see similarities like I am having with Goldcoders. Fixing bugs is absolutely not fast, but implementing new features takes sometimes ages. So I can understand the situation around the script even it is more or less customized version.

Referral system: 3-level: 5-2-1%
Representatives can earn 10% on first level. The other levels are not clarified.

More  domains were introduced in the last news, just I do not really know why is it good for...
Main domain:
Mirror 2:
I still recommend to use the main domain even all sites use the same database.

It is also nice to see that the site is available in all languages where significant volume of investors come from. I also like the feature that we are able to generate certificate of shares. In this case your username is used in PDF file which is not as impressive as real name, but better than nothing, way better.

Zin7 uses extended SSL. I think it is a must have just because we like well done projects. Of course is not a guarantee to earn, hope it is clear for everybody.

I am pleased to say thank you for admin of Zinc7 and wish good luck for us!
If you like Zinc7, join with my referral link:
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Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Tradeex - scam already

Total lifetime: 182 days
Monitored: 143 days
Cycles: 2 BEPs (since listed on ISA)
Satisfaction: partially satisfied, so many guys was scammed by the new "microcredit after-plan" with no withdrawal button, so thumbs down for admin.

Tradeex has purchased R5 listing on 9/Nov/2016. The insurance was active for 20 days - 1.4BTC. Now it is monitored by ISA over 2 months without any problem, good job.

I really like unique projects and Tradeex is one of them. Success of hyip depends on investors and I can confirm just an average result through my user-panel of Tradeex. Of course there can be much better sources than mine, for example the Russian market is bigger than English, but similarities should be noticeable everywhere.

What essence is missing in compare with giants like Xabo or Razzleton?
- external marks: one of buttons opens the login window in new page, the graph is showing interests around 1% daily which is not really attractive rate
- internal marks: acquaintance - connections at leader sources maybe are not the best (Alexa)

But Tradeex has more pros than cons:
+ bugfree unique script with lot of extra features
+ instant payments
+ reinvest bonuses (3-13%)
+ multilingual site
+ extended SSL
+ online support, US, UK phone numbers
+ all popular social channels are active

Here we can earn 1-5% daily on calendar days for 365 days (1% in average). The principal is included in daily payments. The interest rate is set at 1% on weekends, which is not bad.

Take a look on withdrawal page, here you can see the bonus if you decide to reinvest:

As you can see the script is nice and not complicated. The question is, will be Tradeex more popular in the new year? I think Tradeex is playable, but I recommend to play with normal amounts. If you like it, join with my link, good luck!
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Friday, December 30, 2016

Rightrise - scam already

Total lifetime: 134 days
Monitored: 132 days
Cycles: 2 BEPs (break even points)
Satisfaction: satisfied, but I thought it will be longer game...

Rightrise is monitored by ISA 67th day and there are still 33 days remaining from active insurance. The admin knows what he are doing. He gave 3k PM for 100 days. The script is absolutely unique with lot of accepted e-wallets in USD, EUR and RUB currencies!
The investment plan is quite simple, 1~3% daily forever, no principal back option. You can earn a little bit more, there is a booster which can help you, but you have to do so many things, please check the Achievement section for more details. Currently my booster shows 1.14% even after several repurchases and good volume of referrals. Not much, but I like every unique stuff, so thumbs up!
And finally this is the first project with search referral function. I am getting many registration requests, so such searching function is very useful for me. 

Righrise claims controlling speed limits on the roads across the UK with modern technical equipment. The design of the website matches to this story, I like such professionalism, hope you too :)

Since almost every hyip player knows Telegram, guess what I want to say... Yeah, Rightrise has telegram bot as well. You can enable/disable notifications in your user profile on the official website, but I never checked the bot since the default user interface on the official website works well. 

Take a look on the list of accepted e-wallets:
just Payeer and Bitcoin were accepted in the very first days, but now Rightrise accepts Advcash, PerfectMoney, Litecoin, Dogecoin, Nixmoney, Yandex and BTC-e as well. Thumbs up for admin!

Withdrawals are processed instantly, but the FAQ mentions 24h time-frame. There is 6-level referral system:10-5-2-1-1-1%, but the levels for representatives are unbelievable high: 25-5-2-1% - once they reached all requirements.

I like the new year video very much, here you can check it:
This signalizes that the things are going well and I can tell you that Rightrise is very popular among Russian players, so there is no problem with money. Personally I reinvested some times, so I wish good luck for all of us!

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Sunday, December 18, 2016

Back to business - well done projects

Hello guys,

I am back after 3 months of inactivity on this blog. I have had enough from fast scams and I thought (but still think) that it is not worth to write any review for hyip administrators since even attractive projects can scam so fast. We still can't predict the human factor - so nothing have changed, investors are still the guys who fall. But there are few amazing projects with pretty good results where investors can be more than happy.

In these silent months I rejected so many projects which usually switched to DN and MNO, but in half of the cases came back and wanted from me to rethink my decision. I think rejecting these projects many times helped to avoid fast scams. Lot of admins still do not know that if they want to hire all good English sources at once, my answer is negative in 99% cases even my competitors are earning really nice money from listing fees, but my priority is good business and my brand. I am happy with less money, good projects and happy referrals, cheers :)

Back to topic, let me say thank you for administrator of RAZZLETON. The project is monitored for 113 days, but Razzleton celebrates 1 year on the market without any bonus offer this time (I think we do not really like bonuses ;) Razzleton introduced several "after plans" in the past months witch such lengths: 20-40-60-90 days, ROI starting from 500% to 5000%, but I hope all smart players avoided these eye-catching plans. Probably yes, since Razzleton is still there. Thumbs up for admin!

Let me say thank you for administrator of XABO as well. The project is monitored for 189 days, but the total lifetime reaches 203 days today.  Its investment plan has never changed, so here we can earn up to 5% daily till we reach 150% ROI. Not bad and quite popular. Xabo doesn't have active insurance anymore, but it is good to see that it is not the only factor why to invest and many investors understood this.

There are another great projects with not as attractive ROI, but their lifetimes are amazing. POKERADV is monitored for 423 days already without any changes in investment plans. DOWERLY has very similar result. It is monitored for 361 days, but I do not really know when were the new investment plans introduced. These generate higher ROI obviously. I can just recommend to avoid any VIP plan, but not just here, but everywhere! BANDEIRA also deserves to talk about. It is monitored for 283 days, but somehow it is also not as popular as its admin would wish, but the most important thing is, investors who joined these projects did not regret investing!

This time I do not really want to talk lengthy about the king of hyips - MERCHANTSHARES, but it is evident that MS is the best and most stable project ever. Many times the daily earnings are as low as 0.25% and deposit/withdrawal fees make this project not as HOT as other trendy and fast hyips. But MS is able to attract serious players - other admins should learn from MS ;) Thumbs up for the administration! 

Last but not least there are some "new" projects, like ZINC7 with great performance. It is monitored just for 56 days, total lifetime 98 days. We can say that it is not big deal, but in compare with last "C7" projects, Zinc7 was able to grow and became more and more popular. It is also great extra that the admin pays us almost instantly not like last similar projects. Zinc7 pays the highest daily ROI between monitored projects by ISA - 7% daily, total ROI 210%. So now we can say WOW! Thumbs up for the admin!

The newest project which is worth to mention, RIGHTRISE. It is monitored for 55 days (57 days general lifetime), but it is quite popular. It is absolutely unique project and it has active insurance as well, but I think the main reason to invest is not the insurance. This is why I wanted to mention. I wish many successful months for the admin and of course for US :)

This is not an advice to invest, but I like good job so I felt that I owe some positive words for these projects! That's all for today, I will be back more often with reviews if a good project appears. Good luck guys!

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Hyips are just risky games where you can lose all your money. Information on this blog are expressing my opinion what is not an advice to invest. I do not recommend to invest what you cannot afford to lose.

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